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How Much RAM Does A Gaming Phone Need?

Buying a new phone can be very complicated. Since there are lots of factors we should take into consideration. And RAM plays quite an important role in a mobile phone. So let’s take a look and have a deep sense about RAM.

  • What Is RAM Exactly?

    RAM, also called Random-access memory, is one of the most important components in all devices, from PCs to smartphones to game consoles. From its name, you can tell that any part of the data it stores can be accessed directly. It’s a rapidly fast component that temporarily stores all the information a device needs right now and in the near future. Accessing information in RAM is insanely fast, unlike slower hard drives, which provide long-term storage.

  • Difference Between RAM And ROM.

    RAM is volatile memory, which means that the information temporarily stored in the module is erased when you restart or shut down your device.

    Each time you request a file or information, it is retrieved either from the computer's storage disk or the internet. The data is stored in RAM, so each time you switch from one program or page to another, the information is instantly available. When the device is off, the memory is cleared until the process begins again. Volatile memory can be changed, upgraded, or expanded easily by users.

    ROM is non-volatile memory, which means the information is permanently stored on the chip. Non-volatile memory is used for parts of the device that do not change, such as the initial boot-up portion of the software, or the firmware instructions that make your printer run. Turning off the device does not have any effect on ROM. Non-volatile memory cannot be changed by users.

  • How Does RAM Matter?

    It is faster memory compared to your permanent storage which includes your SD card internal and external. When your processor computes data it is faster to retrieve data required for processing from your RAM rather than to load it from your permanent storage which takes time. Also it is less taxing on the battery of your phone when your CPU retrieves data from RAM rather than from Storage. So that it won’t be the problem of slowing your phone down.

    In terms of mobile phones, this means a huge amount of an app’s data is loaded into RAM as soon as the app is started. Data is then shifted from RAM into a relatively tiny but even faster part of memory, the CPU caches, as it’s dealt with. RAM is used as a temporary, super-fast data storage for your processor (CPU). More RAM lets your CPU do its job. That gives you an idea of how impossibly slow a phone would be if it really only used the kind of ‘memory’ we install apps onto.

  • Does RAM Size Have Effect On Gaming?

    RAM is important because your system can access data in it more quickly than it can retrieve info from your main storage disk. You have the entire game’s data stored on your hard drive or solid state drive, but constantly pulling it from there is inefficient. Thus, your computer moves the game information it will need to RAM in order to quickly load it.

    Games require a certain amount of memory to run. The amount of memory that games require to run will depend on the game you play. Some games might require a lot of memory, while other games might not require nearly as much.

    What’s more, the settings and preferences you play your games at will also impact how much memory the game uses. If you want to play your favorite games at maximum performance, those games are going to need more memory than if you were to play those same games at the lowest settings.

  • How Much RAM Is Necessary For A Gaming Phone?

    RAM is one of the most important factors which should be considered when buying a new mobile phone, especially for buying a gaming phone.

    Some people believe that the RAM is never full, so they don’t need more RAM. The fact is that every app has its minimum request to the RAM amount, but how about the maximum request?

    What is the maximum amount of RAM needed for an app? Games like PUBG, call of duty,  etc can be played on a 4GB RAM mobile as well as on a 12 GB RAM mobile but  the difference is the quality of gaming. It is not expressed in mega or gigabytes. Instead, it is shown in the available percentage of total RAM. Suppose there is 4GB of RAM on your phone, and some applications max usage is about 10%, which means that it can use up to roughly 350-400MB.

     However, the same app on the phone with an 8GB of RAM will double the      amount of memory available for it, which is up to 700-800MB for the same example. So theoretically, increasing RAM size can benefit performance and result in faster speeds. 

    So, is the phone with larger RAM better?

    Even the high performance games don't  require the 12 GB RAM. But the gaming performance is a breathtaking one with high screen refresh rates and intriguing graphics and super smooth display. The 12GB RAM allows the users to simultaneously open several applications at a time and to perform multi-tasks on the device without any worries about lag and glitches.

    In a  word, for a gaming phone, 8GB RAM is great for most of the games. While the 12GB will keep you updated with the latest technologies in the future where the games and applications are consuming more and more ram.

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