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The Best Screen-Recording and Streaming Apps for REDMAGIC 3

As a member of the REDMAGIC community, you most-likely kick ass at gaming. Why not share your kick-assery? 

And with so many screen-recording apps for Android, there’s never been a better time to start your own YouTube or Twitch channel — especially with the REDMAGIC 3 in your arsenal. 

In fact, we designed this device with one goal: to bring out the pro gamer in everyone. So naturally the team tried out a bunch of screen-recording and streaming apps. Here’s our favorites.


Best lightweight option: ScreenCam 



If you’re new to the streaming biz, ScreenCam is for you. This simple app does exactly what it says on the can, with a few nice features for customization: you can change the video bitrate, recording resolution and the framerate (up to 60FPS) with ease. 

While there’s not a lot else to it, this app is ad-free. Sometimes less is more, right?


Best for YouTube: YouTube Gaming 

Drumroll, please. The ultimate app for uploading game videos to YouTube is… YouTube Gaming

Keep in mind this is not a feature-heavy app; there’s not much in the way of editing and video resolution is limited to 720p. But if you want a no-nonsense approach to streaming and directly uploading to YouTube, you won’t get anything better than this. 


Best all-rounder: XRecorder 



All of the screen-recording apps, XRecorder could be our favorite. Its floating widget makes it easy to record, pause and stop while you’re in a match or making a tutorial. Done recording? There’s even an editing suite to jazz up your videos including cutting, music and filters.  

And yes, it still works with Game Space 2.0 switched on for high-capacity gaming while recording. 


Best for Twitch Streaming: StreamElements 

The Twitch app doesn’t offer mobile streaming functions yet. Until then, there’s StreamElements

This in-development app already offers everything you might need to kick-start your streaming career. You can stream directly to Twitch or YouTube from your REDMAGIC 3, and even interact with your subscribers through the app. 

Who knows, you could be the next Ninja? 


Best for recording with the front camera: Mobizen 



If you’re a REDMAGIC gamer, chances are you’re successful, intelligent and incredibly attractive. Here’s where Mobizen comes in. This is a great app for recording gameplay while simultaneously showing off that beautiful mug of yours. 

Plus, it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a decent screen-recording app like editing and customization. 

The ad-free premium version is decent too: You can create your own watermark (your streamer logo, maybe?) and even create gifs. 


Did we miss any? Hit us up on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to let us know what should have made it on the list. 

Happy recording!

You’ll get tons of recordable gaming moments on the REDMAGIC 3. Find it here



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