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Genshin Impact on Mobile

Getting started on Genshin Impact after hearing all the hype about it? Feel a little lost on what to do? We’d like to help out by sharing somethings that we learned when we first tried out Genshin Impact on the REDMAGIC 5S.


Combat Synergies

Like any game, combat plays a big role, but in Genshin Impact, they have put a fun spin on it with their team mechanics with the instant character swapping. With only a second cooldown, you are encouraged to swap between characters often and quickly to make the most of their special abilities. Thanks to the triggers on the REDMAGIC 5S, we set it up to easily swap between our favorite two characters to deal constant damage with.

Image from our REDMAGIC 5S

But it is the element effect that each character is based on that really encourages you to swap characters even more by letting you mix up element effects for devastating effect! Most of the element combinations are pretty straight forward but some aren’t so obvious and because every element can combo with a different element, there are a lot of effects to keep in mind. Keeping track of these element combos and the effects might be a lot to think about early on, but they will make a massive impact on not only winning combats quickly but how you play them.


The game gets trickier though when you start fighting monsters and bad guys that are also using special elemental abilities like shields or attacks. To counter them, it is important to keep track of what elements work well to bust through their shields and then you can hop back to your main damage dealers to finish them off. For example, the Fatui Skirmishers really gave us a run for our money till we figured out what elements their shields were weak against. Even using an underpowered character using the right element was super effective compared to using our main damage dealer that wasn’t the right element.


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Resources To Keep An Eye Out For

As you run around in this beautiful game, you’re going to run into a plethora of random things to pick up. You might be hesitant to spend the time to take every detour to pick up everything you see, but then you’ll wonder “what if I needed that little flower over there?” Well, we got your back.


Image from our REDMAGIC 5S

The simple answer, is to pick up everything, literally everything you can. It’s surprisingly obvious when you think about it but not what we would expect after years of learning to min-max our decisions after playing many RPG games, where we always have to juggle inventory space and make the best decisions you can on what to keep or throw away. But with Genshin Impact, you’re inventory is massive and everything serves a purpose, if not now, then it will later. So pick it all up. Of course, there are still going to be a few special things to keep an eye out for, such as ingredients for a recipe, a weapon accession, or a character accession. For those items, here’s a handy list that was made and shared by fellow fans of the game at


Image from our REDMAGIC 5S


Here at REDMAGIC, we always make a point to pick up all the ores we see, because ARTIFACTS! Though seriously, early on going after all those ores is pretty handy. The iron chunks can get turned into enhancement ores which you can use to level up weapons and equipment when you’re done feeding it other low star quality items. As for the other ores, you may not be using them early on in the game, but you will be later and it will be really handy to have a stockpile of them already built up and ready for you. 


To make life while exploring easier, we liked to swap the trigger button hotkey locations on our REDMAGIC 5S to the sprint and jump buttons. This just makes life easier for us and also helped to enjoy the crazy level of beauty in this game by having one less clumsy thumb on the screen.


Image from our REDMAGIC 5S

Things you should definitely always keep an eye out for though and keep track of if you can’t get them immediately are the amenoculus and geoculus orbs that you will find floating around the map. Most of these are in usually easy to get places. But others will require figuring out simple puzzles, using character skills, or fighting bad guys to get. So for some of these, you will need to get it later, so make note of where they are.

To help you out here’s a handy interactive map with locations for nearly everything in the game.

Character Matchups

Now that we got an idea of the combat and the exploring around, it’s time for one of the best aspects of Genshin Impact, how all the characters interact with each other. Learning how their play styles, abilities, and elements benefit each other when running around or fighting monsters. 


While there are lots of ways to optimize your teams for different aspects of the game, one of the best parts about the game is that every character is viable. It is also important to read up on all the special skills that characters have to help you really specialize in what you want. Such as Amber’s special skill that reduces stamina use while gliding.

Image from our REDMAGIC 5S

Then you can take it a little further still with how the party can get different bonuses with different combinations of element types in the group. Such as the 25% bonus to damage if you have two fire type characters in your group. Depending on what you are doing or fighting, there’s almost always a combination to help you out.


Ultimately though, there isn’t really a wrong way to go with your team, and that’s the best part of the game. Not to mention, there’s always a chance that your favorite character that is underpowered might get an awesome buff in the future.


More to Come

Just like Genshin Impact, there will be more to come for this article, with future updates with more little tips and tricks we learn as we continue to play the game. If there is something in particular that you would like to see us try, shoot us a message on our social media platforms.

Till next time, have fun!