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Looking For A New Game? Try Torchlight Infinite

Looking For A New Game? Try Torchlight Infinite

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Have you hit the free-to-play progression wall of Diablo Immortal and looking for a new ARPG to play? Well, you’re just in time because another ARPG brand that got its start on PC, Torchlight, has moved over to mobile gaming with their new game, Torchlight Infinite. 


First Thing First, Choosing Your Character

The first thing you’ll need to do in Torchlight is pick your character. You’ll have to choose between 5 very different characters in type and looks, except for one exception, and I’ll get to him last. Among the character types, you have three arch types, melee, range, and summoning. Depending on your play style you may find some of these easier than others. Thankfully though, all of the characters can attain similar levels of face-melting endgame awesomeness, with two of them only taking a slight lead. So getting yourself up to the top is mostly down to finding which character fits your play style the best and then rolling with it. 


If you aren’t sure what character would fit you best, then let’s first take a look at what we think are the two easiest characters to start with.


Berserker Rehan

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Hands down, this is probably the easiest character to figure out and play in the game. Surviving the early game might be a little more difficult than the Summoner classes, but there is something comforting about playing a simple melee beat-up-everything class. In the case of Rehan, you shouldn’t have to worry about damage too much as being able to take some hits is built into his character and of course, if you just kill everything fast enough with your berserker rage, then there is nothing to hurt you. At least that’s how we played him! And boy does he lay down the hurt. Similar to Diablo and other ARPGs, Rehan is a melee monster, jumping all over the place to get into the thick of it, cleaving hordes of enemies left and right.


Commander Moto

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

If you have played an ARPG before, then Moto is probably going to be the easiest character ever, and the safest. He is a mechanical summoner, summoning robots that punch and other robots that shoot do all your fighting for you. You can also summon sentries, which work like little pylons that either buff or do damage to your enemies. You can also do your own direct damage with Moto, but we found it was super easy and safe to just let the minions and the ice element sentry do all the damage for us. In-fact, he’s so easy to play with his minions, so players might feel a little bored. Good thing you can always change it up and either attack with direct damage or use the sentries if you get bored of the robot minions.


In our playthrough of Torchlight Infinite, Moto was our character of choice. There’s just something extra satisfying about killing bosses with minimal effort and danger that appeals to us. 


Frostfire Gemma

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

For those that love their spellcasters, Gemma is your girl, she’s also the only girl in Torchlight Infinite. She controls the elements of fire and ice to deal absolutely devastating damage like any spellcaster traditionally should. Also, like all traditional spellcasters, she’s a bit of a glass cannon early game, so get ready to be aware of your enemies and to dodge boss attacks. When we gave her a try, we learned this the hard way. That said, like all good spellcasters, she does become a destruction machine later on with massive AOE attacks and is considered one of the top two characters in the game. She has some of the best sustained damage in the game and none of the other characters can beat her in AOE damage. 


Divineshot Carino

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Carino is your generic non-magic ranged character. In this case, he uses dual pistols to mow down the bad guys. If you like ranged combat and being a 100% DPS dedicated player, than Carino is your guy. That dedication to dealing damage pays off in the long run by making him have the highest sustained DPS in the game. However, it also makes him the weakest, so you’ll have to stay on your toes at all times so you don’t get killed by mobs or bosses. But hey, with the kind of damage you put out with this guy, there shouldn’t be any mobs or bosses to hurt you. As the old proverb says, the defense is a good offense, since they can’t hurt you if they’re dead!


Spacetime Witness Youga

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

Youga is the most unique character you can choose an made us scratch our heads at first when we were first looking through the characters. When choosing him, you’re given an option of which version of him you want to play. He is a spell caster first and foremost, dealing impressive burst and AOE damage to clear mobs and bosses.


 His different versions though change up his unique special ability. His default version you can choose allows you to create a temporary echo of yourself, to fight alongside you. In reality, it’s more like a ghostly NPC version of yourself.


The other version you may choose replaces the echo with a massive AOE template that you can place over mobs to apply massive damage over time attacks on them among other debuffs.


We didn’t get a chance to give Youga a try, but of the two versions to try, I think we would have gone with the 2nd one. It i’s more straightforward and for an ARPG, simple and straightforward usually work best.


Playing On The nubia REDMAGIC 7S Pro

First and foremost, it of course runs like a dream. We also really enjoyed the full screen experience for Torchlight Infinite that you only get on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro. The game is beautiful and bright and it’s got some fun cinematics to watch as well.

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

I am sure everyone will find their own uses for the shoulder triggers, but I often used them for picking up items as the button to do that is a little up and to the left of the ability dial. After I got my first pet though and got the auto loot feature after playing through the game more and unlocking it in the Battle Pass section for free, I saved the shoulder trigger buttons for my healing spell, which I placed bottom left of my ability dial.

Try Torchlight Infinite on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro!

There Are Pets

You read that right, there are pets in Torchlight and I don’t mean your summons. Every character can unlock a multitude of pets and use up to three of them at a time. These pets help boost your power and give you some helpful utilities like automatically picking up your loot. Unfortunately for our Play For Free players, this is where the Pay to Win aspects of Torchlight will start to show up. These pets are a gacha system, with some being better than others and with leveling them up working similarly. The better the pets, the better potential damage you can get. Is it as bad as Diablo Immortals Gem system? Only time will tell. So far, it doesn’t look like it.



It’s not our favorite game, nothing will beat a good FPS game I fear, but it’s damn good. I’d give the game a solid 8/10. It’s fun, smooth, cheerful, and easy to pick up and get into.