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Shoutout To Cha0tik Playing Rainbow 6 Mobile On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

Shoutout To Cha0tik Playing Rainbow 6 Mobile On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

Play Rainbow 6 Mobile On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

It looks like we are not the only ones looking forward to the new Rainbow 6 Mobile game that is coming out soon. One of our favorite streamers, Cha0tik was able to play in the recent Rainbow 6 Mobile beta and he streamed some of his gameplay and talked about what it was like while playing it on his REDMAGIC 7S Pro.

Rainbow 6 Mobile Beta

Play Rainbow 6 Mobile On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

As Cha0tik says in his video, the footage and review he has for it so far are based on the beta, so everything is subject to change. But, as it is a beta and not say an alpha, the gameplay mechanics and general feel of the game are probably locked down. The only thing left for the developers is tweaking for the most optimal gaming experience based on the feedback from the players during the beta testing. 

We do know from the beta that it is an honest port of the PC and console versions of the game. It is still a competitive team-based tactical shootout between a defending team and an attacking team inside a claustrophobic environment with destructible walls, doors, windows, floors, and more. It also has the same operators as those we have grown accustomed to from the PC and console versions. From the gameplay shown by Cha0tik, it also looks like special items like drones are all there as well.

So What Can We Expect From Rainbow 6 Mobile On The REDMAGIC 7S Pro?

Play Rainbow 6 Mobile On REDMAGIC 7S Pro

For starters, just like any other FPS game on a REDMAGIC gaming smartphone, it’s gonna run like a dream and it’s gonna play like one too. Particularly with those shoulder triggers, giving you better control over your actions so you can play more easily and accurately. But you don’t have to take our word for it, Cha0tik himself says it best on how the shoulder triggers help the gameplay

“The shoulder triggers on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro make it very easy to check corners and aim at your enemies quickly” - Cha0tik

Rainbow 6 Mobile will also be a great game for us to tryout out the speakers and microphones on the REDMAGIC 7 Series phones. Being a super tactical game, it is very important to keep in touch with your teammates, be it during the setup time or as all hell is breaking loose, you will want to hear them and communicate with them clearly. That is exactly what the built-in microphones on the REDMAGIC 7 Series will do for you. They filter out other noises so your voice is clearly heard. The speakers are also loud and in stereo, so you can not only hear the slightest footsteps of the other team as they infiltrate the building but also get an idea of where they are from your position.

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It’s always a happy day when we see our fans enjoying our phones, so thank you Cha0tik for showing off your time playing Rainbow 6 Mobile on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro. Maybe when the game goes live we’ll get a chance to play on the same team!