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A Special Shout Out to the REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign Winner

A Special Shout Out to the REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign Winner

REDMAGIC Halloween Winner Announcement

It’s lovely how the world jumps straight from the spooky season right into the season of giving, and whether you’re referring to birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion in between, gifts are a sweet treat that makes any occasion better. That was what we had hoped to bring to all our patrons with the 2023 REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign, and we’re glad to see that you guys had as much fun unveiling spooky surprises as we had making you winners. 


The 2023 REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign has officially drawn to a close, and what better way to welcome the season of giving than a little bit of gift-giving? We promised one lucky participant the gift of a 100% refund, and we’re here to deliver on that promise.


A Quick Recap of the Game


This year, we invited all REDMAGIC patrons and fans alike to take part in a simple, unique, and fun game for the chance to win exclusive REDMAGIC prizes. All they had to do was sign up for updates, choose their favorite Jack-o-lantern, and unlock the secret surprise trapped inside. 


We gave them a chance to win one of three coupons, namely a $15 discount for all REDMAGIC accessories and PC gaming merchandise, a $20 discount voucher for the REDMAGIC 8S Pro, or a free Type-C charging cable when they spend a minimum of $50 in the REDMAGIC store. We sent coupons directly to participants in their email, and as promised, everyone who took part unlocked something special.


Here’s to Our Special Winner


In what has become somewhat of a REDMAGIC tradition, all REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign participants were automatically entered into a draw for the chance to win a full refund on their purchase, and we’ve got a winner. We reserved the special prize for one lucky participant who made an official purchase during the campaign. Congratulations to Elizabeth Lewis from the United Kingdom who will receive all the money spent on the purchase back in her account.


The Fun Never Ends


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the fans and supporters who joined the REDMAGIC Halloween Campaign. You can bet your last dollar that we’ll be back pretty soon with another opportunity for you to win some exclusive and exciting prizes. Just sign up for the REDMAGIC newsletter so you never miss the latest updates and notifications about the newest campaigns. We look forward to continuing to bring joy and excitement to each and every one of our patrons in the seasons to come.