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Check Out What You Can Get On REDMAGIC 4th Anniversary

Check Out What You Can Get On REDMAGIC 4th Anniversary

REDMAGIC 4th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate four years now of mobile gaming awesomeness. It’s been one hell of a ride so far thanks to our crazy scientists and engineers over in R&D coming up with idea after idea to make mobile gaming better and more enjoyable. They’ve developed a lot of world firsts for smartphones and mobile gaming, like shoulder triggers and built-in turbofans. But we aren’t done, not by a long shot, and we’re excited that all of you have been on this crazy journey with us so far. You guys have all been so great we want to give you a reward for your fandom as we celebrate this 4th Anniversary of REDMAGIC. What do we have in mind? Let’s take a look.

REDMAGIC 4th Anniversary Rewards

We’re Rewarding Our Fans

First off, we’re giving all our fans a $20 coupon that they can use on the REDMAGIC website. To get this coupon, it is super easy, just provide your email address on our 4th Anniversary page, and you will receive your coupon. In addition to your $20 coupon will also receive an extra amount based on how long you have been a REDMAGIC fan. For details just follow this table:

· Extra $5     0-1 year user

· Extra $10   1-2 years user

· Extra $15   2-3 years user

· Extra $20   3+ year user

REDMAGIC Game Winning Specs

First Time Hearing About REMDAGIC?

No worries, now is a great time to become a fan of REDMAGIC. Not only are you still eligible to get a $20 off coupon for our official store, but our gaming smartphones have never been better. How can you trust us? Cause we’re pros with four years of making the best gaming phone you can get. We were the first to put shoulder triggers on your smartphone, the first to put a built-in turbofan inside, the first to get both 144Hz and 165Hz refresh rate screens, and the first gaming smartphone with an under-display camera so you can have a true full screen experience. That makes REDMAGIC the trailblazer of gaming smartphones, with everyone else following our lead.


Our gaming smartphones are designed by gamers for gamers, to give the best mobile gaming experience you can find. As we celebrate this awesome 4th Anniversary of REDMAGIC we also can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. From where we’re standing, it’s looking bright and epic.