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Find The Right REDMAGIC 6 Series Phone For You

So you want a high-performance smartphone? Of you do, or you wouldn’t be looking at REDMAGIC phones. But maybe you’re not sure yet which REDMAGIC phone you want? Let’s take a look then and see which one of these super-powerful smartphones is the perfect match for you, the super-powered REDMAGIC 6 Pro, the awesome REDMAGIC 6, or the sleek REDMAGIC 6R.


If you’re looking to game it up on the best of the best among REDMAGIC gaming phones, then look no further than the REDMAGIC 6 Pro. Like a suped-up hypercar, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro is packed full and then some with power and the latest tech for the ultimate gaming experience. Rocking 16GB of RAM and 256GB of memory, it is ready to make the max use of the powerful Snapdragon 888 and that glorious 165Hz screen for the latest mobile games of today. To handle all of that intense gaming you’ll be having on the REDMAGIC 6 Pro, it even has physical design elements like a metal backplate for improved cooling so you can play your favorite games at max performance just that much longer. The final icing on the cake for the REDMAGIC 6 Pro though is its visual design. Just like how a suped-up hypercar screams speed and power, the REDMAGIC 6 Pro shows off to everyone around it that it means gaming business and is there to win!


Maybe you don’t want the most amazing gaming phone possible though but you still want an overwhelmingly powerful gaming phone for your favorite mobile games. Then I invite you to take a look at the REDMAGIC 6. At 8GB RAM and 128GB of memory but using the latest and most powerful mobile tech, the REDMAGIC 6 is a little like a supercar. A nice mix of getting that insanely high performance, looks, and price. An ideal Gaming smartphone to start your professional gaming career.


Now may going pro isn’t your goal, but you still love playing games when you have some free time. Then the REDMAGIC 6R is definitely the phone for you. Kind of like a sports car, it’s got the power to match any other phone but it also toned down to an enjoyable experience in any setting. Its look is toned down for a more professional or day-to-day style and is thinner and lighter so it is easier and more comfortable to carry with you where ever you may be. With its thinner, sleeker design the REDMAGIC 6R goes without the fan, so it will be the perfect day-to-day mobile phone for even the busiest video game fan. A great phone for when you want to play a game or two during a lull in your work or when you have a small break between meetings or classes.

For an even more in-depth look at all the specs and how they differ between these three awesome phones then just check out our phone comparison page. There you can see a breakdown of each phone and when you have found the one that you want, just click the buy now button and order.


Or if you already know which phone is for you, then just head on over to our store page today to order your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone!