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Get Ready To See Mobile Gaming In A New Light With The Upcoming REDMAGIC 7 Pro

The long-awaited REDMAGIC 7 Pro is almost here. Are you excited? We are. This awesome gaming smartphone is truly the first of its kind, a gaming smartphone with an Under Display Camera (UDC). Why make a gaming phone with a UDC you ask? We answer with “Why not!?”

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

What’s the most annoying thing about playing a game these days? That camera cutting into your precious screen space. So we did away with the need for a notch or anything taking up the screen and put the camera under the display. With a UDC, you can finally have a true, unobstructed, fullscreen experience while gaming it up on a smartphone, and it’s glorious. Sure, a hole punch or a notch for a camera is small and can be ignored, but why put up with it when you don’t have to? You deserve the best, after all, so have the best, have a true, fullscreen experience for your games, don’t settle for a little notch or hole punch.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-ICE 9.0 Cooling System

What’s the second most annoying thing you have to deal with when playing on mobile? Probably your phone getting hot and throttling itself so it doesn’t melt in your hands right? If you said overheating, then you’re the same as us, we hate it when our phones overheat on us. It makes the games lag, gets too hot to comfortably hold, and it always happens at the worse times. That’s why we’ve made the most awesome cooling system yet in REDMAGIC phone with the new ICE 9.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System. It has the perfect blend of passive cooling systems and active cooling systems for a brand-new state-of-the-art cooling system. With ICE 9.0, you’ll be able to keep playing your favorite mobile games at peak performance, without having to deal with performance drops for far longer than other phones, such as those pesky iPhone 13 Pros that overheat faster than you can blink it seems sometimes.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-5000mAh Battery

With those main two issues out of the way, what else could there be that drives us crazy when we’re playing games? Running out of power, cause without power, there are no games of course! So for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro we threw in a 5000mAh battery to help you enjoy those games longer. This isn’t your normal 5000mAh battery either, it’s a dual-cell battery meaning it will charge faster to get you back into the game faster. Even better, thanks to the dual-cell design, it will even maintain a healthy lifespan longer than your average single-cell batteries of the same size.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro launch

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