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Get Your First Look At The All New REDMAGIC 6 Series

Looking for a great gaming phone to take you pro this year? Then the REDMAGIC 6 Series is your solution. The REDMAGIC 6 Series of phones will be some of the highest performing phones of the year, with the smoothest screens at 165Hz. Let’s dive in and take our first look at the new RedMagic 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro.

A Revolutionary Screen Brings an Unprecedented Display Experience

What’s the first thing you see and interact with the most on a phone? The screen, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to make the REDMAGIC 6 Series phones have a top not screen. With a 6.8inch AMOLED screen and the industry's fastest refresh rate at 165Hz, which reaches speeds of 21 frames a second faster than the next fastest screen. Why go so fast? To make it is the smoothest and most stable screen possible so you can really enjoy the crystal clear qualities of this awesome screen.

To keep the screen smooth all the time and to save you power at the same time, the REDMAGIC 6 Series phones use the Touch Choreographer system. With this, the phones can intelligently and smoothly adjust the refresh rate based on your activity to prevent screen tearing and to save power when you aren’t using the max refresh rate of the phone.

As if having the smoothest visuals on a smartphone wasn’t already awesome, the REDMAGIC 6 Series also has one of the highest touch sampling rates ever. While using one finger, the touch sampling is as high as 500Hz and with multiple fingers it is as high as 320Hz. That means the response rate of pressing on the screen can be as low as 8ms!


Upgraded to ICE 6.0 Cooling System Ensures Top Core Performance

Nothing is more annoying than having your phone overheat and slow down in the middle of a good game. To prevent this so you can keep gaming for hours on end, the REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro has the ICE 6.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System. Inspired by gaming PCs and F1 supercars, we have created a hybrid cooling system using traditional heat transfer technology and upgraded it with aviation grade aluminum, a vapor chamber and a built-in turbofan that can reach up to 20,000rpms! Even graphically intense and demanding games run smooth and cold on the REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro. 

Top Spec Supports Elite Gaming Adventure

Powered by the latest and most advanced chipset, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 the REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro can run any application at max performance with ease. 

The REDMAGIC 6 Series are empowered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888. Using the latest Kryo 685 architecture the CPU performance is increased by 25% and with the new Adreno 660, the graphics rendering performance is improved by 35%. What this means for the players is that they run massive, graphically intense and demanding games smoothly without stuttering. 

The REDMAGIC 6 Series is equipped with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 Storage. Compared with dual-channel LPDDR4x memory, the speed of LPDDR5 has been increased by more than 50%, and the power consumption has been reduced by 20%. 

Thanks to its faster application retrieval and caching speed. Even if multiple apps are opened in the background, the phone can still run smoothly without worrying about running into memory performance limitations. 

REDMAGIC 6  $599
REDMAGIC 6 Pro  $699

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