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Hear Like A Pro With The REDMAGIC Cyberpods

You can play like a pro, now it’s time to hear like a pro with high-quality audio at pro-level low latency. As of December 5th, the REDMAGIC Cyberpods, our latest in pro-gaming TWS earbuds, are now available for purchase. 

We’re hyped about these things, but we had no idea how hyped you guys would be! In just a day or so, we literally sold ALL OF THEM. So now we’re back at it, working to get more of them available as soon as we can. You can continue to order the Cyberpods as though they are available for pre-order and we will ensure you get them as soon as possible. 

Orders that were made from December 6th to December 9th will be shipped on December 15th. New orders starting on December 10th will be shipped on December 21st for North America and 23rd for Europe.

Pro-gaming Low Latency

Designed for our game-loving fans, we focused on ensuring that not only is the sound quality top class but also on having a low latency connection for a great, immersive experience in your movies or games. Pair the Cyberpods up to a REDMAGIC 5G/5S and enjoy the special Gaming Mode for a super low latency connection at 39ms, so you can hear everything in-game in real-time and crystal clear. Chances of getting ambushed just dropped to zilch, nada. It’s going to be you listening for the footsteps to ambush the other team!

Immersive and Comfortable

Using 8mm dynamic drivers in the REDMAGIC Cyberpods, enjoy theater-quality level audio immersion in every movie scene or song. Each instrument and sound gives a sense of presence and impact, drawing you further into the immersion.

Looking to keep that immersion, the Cyberpods are light-weight and comfortable but have also removed complicated operations to make life easier. Every operation can be done with a series of simple touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds.

Cyber Style

Impress your friends with the new REDMAGIC Cyberpods with their awesome cyberpunk themed lights on the charging case and on the earbuds as well. Turn on Game Mode and let everyone know you’re in the zone and not to be bothered as the Cyberpods flash red.

Curious to learn more or try the Cyberpods out yourself? Then check out our store page for them.