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How Will 5G Change your Gaming Experience?

5G, the next big thing to happen to mobile technology. Even now, we are seeing 5G networks popping up across the world and devices like the next REDMAGIC phone packing this powerful technology. But what is it and how is it really going to impact us and most importantly, our online gaming!? . 

5G promises to be faster than 4G, insanely fast. Stats shown from multiple tests using already existing 5G networks show that its peak speeds are up to 20 times faster than 4G. Say hello to streaming those beautiful 4K videos and easily live streaming your games, as well as opening the door to demanding AR and VR applications on mobile. It is also not just the download, upload rates that are faster either, the latency will be greatly reduced between you and the server as well, a critical factor when playing online. That means you’ll have less ping, less lag, in your games for a smoother, more responsive experience compared to others still using 4G.

5G smartphones

With a faster connection like what 5G promises it will be easier for you to play at your best all the time. The controls will be more responsive and the ever changing action will be easier to see it will even be easier to react when someone gets the drop on you for example. Your 5G connection will let the game tell you you’re getting hit sooner and let you react faster, be it hitting back or ducking and running away, whatever it takes to stay in the game. Additionally, you may not even need to download your games when 5G becomes common. It is possible that online gaming may go the route of Netflix did with movies, allowing you to stream play your game online, on a game provider’s server instead of on your own smartphone. This is all because of just how low the latency could be with 5G, where your commands sent to the server and then shown on your device could all happen in just milliseconds!

How is 5G so fast you might ask? By using a completely different range of frequencies than 4G. For 5G, cellular networks will be using mmWave (millimeter wave) high-frequencies that have massive, unused bandwidths. Meaning there is more bandwidth for everyone to use. This speeds everything up considerably as you and everyone else will consistently have more bandwidth to work with than before for online streaming and gaming. Additionally, these higher frequencies have shorter and more directional wavelengths that can be easily exploited by today’s technologies by better, smaller antennas. A cellular tower could have hundreds of these smaller antennas to directly beam high speed 5G to the smartphone or device using it, significantly increasing the number of possible connections a tower can maintain, for a faster and more stable internet for more people. These small antennas could also be strategically placed almost anywhere to greatly boost the signal. 

5G Smartphones

Too long and didn’t read all that? Here’s the short and easy version. Cellular networks finally have advanced enough to efficiently use an unused, higher frequency range to directly beam unparalleled, high-speed internet to your smartphone! This means you can enjoy insanely fast internet speeds for live streaming, watching beautiful 4K videos on mobile and an incredibly smooth, nearly lagless gaming experience. 

Excited to try out 5G yourself now? You won’t have to wait long. Our next gaming smartphone will be coming with 5G. Soon you will be enjoying the fastest level of internet speeds yet!



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