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Looking Back on 2020 and How the REDMAGIC 5 Series Made it Easier

2020 was one heck of a year and we bet like all of you, we’re glad it’s behind us. But as the New Year gets underway, let’s take a quick look back on 2020 and thank some of the things, like cool phones and cool games, that got us through that difficult year.

The Phone That Got Us Going: REDMAGIC 5G


This year saw gaming phones reach a new pinnacle previously only held by consoles and PCs, the coveted 144Hz screen! Earlier this year we released the REDMAGIC 5G, the first gaming phone in the world with a 144Hz screen, and boy was it a blast to play on such a fast, smooth screen. Not only was the screen awesome though, the REDMAGIC 5G as a whole was also a true powerhouse of a phone with some of the best specs on the market at the time. And it came at a perfect time when going digital started to become the norm, requiring us to not only need a great device to stay in touch but also a powerful device to help us accomplish more and entertain us more than ever before.

The Phone That Kept Us Going: REDMAGIC 5S


Since we just can’t stop improving things, we took what we learned from the REDMAGIC 5G and made it even better with the REDMAGIC 5S. Improving the cooling system and the storage technology, made the phone faster and it was able to be colder and stayed colder even longer than before so we could enjoy our awesome action-packed games to the max even longer than before. Being able to play for hours on end turned out to be a godsend later on this year as things continued to look bleak and the need to escape a little from it all or stay in touch from afar continued to become more and more important to all of us. 

The Accessories that took us further

REDMAGIC Cyberpods

In 2020 REDMAGIC launched two really awesome accessories that helped us enjoy our gaming more immersively and even longer thanks to the new REDMAGIC Cyberpods and the REDMAGIC Ice Dock. Letting gamers and everyone else enjoy videos and games fully immersed and comfortable for hours and hours on end.

Earlier this year the REDMAGIC Ice Dock came out along with the REDMAGIC 5S to help us create an awesome gaming environment for our gamers by letting them charge their phone while at the same time, easily keeping it cooled off. With the REDMAGIC 5S, the REDMAGIC Ice Dock not only kept the phone cold, preventing it from overheating and slowing down but also unlocked the phone’s GPU Boost, increasing its performance! 

With the brand new REDMAGIC Cyberpods we really immersed ourselves into our games, movies, or music thanks to their great sound quality and awesomely low 39ms latency. They helped us really escape from the troubles of the year and enjoy our own little space of fun.

Some of the Greatest Games Played in 2020

Genshin Impact from miYoHo

With so much going on in 2020 it was also one hell of a time for video games. The raining champs for the past few years such as PUBG and COD: Mobile were still our go-to favorites, but some new games this year really gave them a run for their money. Games such as Genshin Impact and Among Us really blew us away this year, bringing us many unforgettable hours of enjoyment. With great games such as these coming out, we’re excited to see what new games we’ll be getting our hands on in 2021!

As 2021 gets into its stride, here’s hoping for a better, brighter future. We hope everyone has a great start to their New Year and we’ll see you soon with more greatness from REDMAGIC!