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Our Lucky REDMAGIC Christmas Winner

Our Lucky REDMAGIC Christmas Winner

REDMAGIC Xmas Winner Announcement

Thank you to everyone that took part and played our Christmas games this year. We hope everyone had fun as we tried a new game, an awesome reward for a lucky winner, and a great new price for the REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphones just in time for the holidays.


Our Christmas Game This Year

This year we wanted to make the holiday a little more fun and since we’re REDMAGIC, that means games. So for our Christmas event this year, we had a game where players had to catch falling gifts. We hope everyone had a chance to play it and had a good time. 


Our Big Christmas Winner

Congrats to wendy**** for being our lucky winner of the full order refund. Be sure to keep an eye out for news from us, as your order has already been refunded. Enjoy the free order!


Missed The Christmas Fun?

No worries, you can still catch theREDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphones at their awesome new price. For more information, just check out our store page. Now is a great time to get pick up one of the most powerful gaming smartphones of the year.