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Patch Notes for REDMAGIC Update V3.23 / V4.23


REDMAGIC is pushing out an update for all REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro users. This update will greatly improve the system and network stability for a better user experience. To get the most out of your REDMAGIC 6 or 6 Pro, we highly recommend that you upgrade your phone to the latest version.

Please read on for the Patch Notes of this update.

The upgrade process will not interrupt the use of your phone. After the upgrade is completed, you need to manually restart the phone to update to the current version.

Patch Notes:
Optimization: Google security patch update
Optimization: Stability and performance improvement
Fix: System translation problem

Optimization: Game enhancement
Optimization: Protocol hyperspace Diver adaptation

Newly added: Support vowifi

Optimization: Shooting effect in some scenes

The optimized content of this update includes but is not limited to the items listed above. Upgrade your phone now!