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REDMAGIC Leveled Up: What’s in Your Software Update

Hey teammate,

Welcome to REDMAGIC Leveled Up, the lowdown on what’s in your software update. 

Since the REDMAGIC 3’s launch, we’ve gotten feedback from the community on how to make our unbeatable gaming phone, well, even more unbeatable. 

You spoke. We listened. So here’s what’s in store with V210/V116:


Screen Recording With In-screen Audio Recording 


It’s been stupidly hard to record in-screen audio when gaming on Android. Not anymore.

Thanks to REDMAGIC Time, you can now capture your entire match in high quality and with in-screen audio recording.

What’s more, there’s no need to waste time trimming your videos to your best shots. REDMAGIC Time does it for you with one awesome kill compilation. 

Simply head to Game Space 2.0, tap REDMAGIC Time before your next game of PUBG or Arena of Valor (with support for more games coming soon) and rack up the headshots — you’re playing to an audience now.     


Finger Sensor Trigger

What’s better than two touch-sensitive game triggers? Three.

Along with shoulder triggers, you can now map out the finger sensor as an extra action in any game. 

We recommend customizing it for the drop down action on PUBG for quick cover. It’s already saved my ass a few times!


Slow-motion Video Capture 

Fancy yourself a budding action-movie director? Planning to recreate that one famous Matrix scene? 

Or maybe you just want to watch a balloon pop in super slow motion? 

The team’s added slow motion to the REDMAGIC 3 camera family. Try 480 FPS or 1920 FPS (beta) and burst balloons until your heart’s content. 


Others Updated Features:

- Google security patch
- System performance upgrade
- Overall camera performance

What do you want to see in the next update? Feel free to drop us a comment or message on our
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Missed out on your REDMAGIC 3 software update? We’ve got your back. Check out the manual update instructions here.




Our goal here at REDMAGIC is to deliver the most complete gaming experience on mobile.

Established in October 2017 as the gaming arm of Nubia, we’ve sought to harness their skill in smartphone design and combine it with a gamer’s determination in achieving high performance gameplay.

The result? Mobile gaming devices that strike the perfect balance between sleek, ergonomic hardware and fully optimised software. Gaming smartphones that are powerful, durable, and cool to the touch.

But we’re just getting started. With the resources we have at our disposal, we’ve made it our mission to break further ground and unlock the full potential of mobile gaming.