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REDMAGIC 5S/5G Software Update to V7.14/V8.11

We are sending out an automated update for the REDMAGIC 5S and 5G today, updating all users to V7.14/V8.11. Some customers may have already received the update in our first batches of sending it out, but today we will push the update out to all the other REDMAGIC 5S devices. Please read the update log below to learn more about the update.

Update V714/V811 Logs:


- Updated Google Security Patch

- Optimized stability and fluency


- Optimized Game Space experience

- Fixed an issue where WhatsApp Overlay sometimes crashes to the home screen


- Can now add third-party clock widgets to Nova Launcher

- Fixed an issue where an error would pop up when switching the refresh rate to 144Hz

The content of this update includes but is not limited to the items listed above.

If your REDMAGIC 5S does not update automatically, please go to our Global ROMs and Updates page for the REDMAGIC 5S/5G and download the update directly from there.