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REDMAGIC Moments Top 5 Plays featuring Aerith

REDMAGIC Moments Top 5 Plays featuring Aerith


You love games, we love games, and we want to see your best mobile gaming plays. Join us and Aerith, the recent winner of the REDMAGIC CODM Clash tournament, as we watch and judge your best plays for the REDMAGIC Moments Top 5 Plays event!

If you missed her awesome plays in the REDMAGIC CODM Clash tournament, or just want to get to know this awesome player just a little better, then enjoy this interview that we were lucky enough to have with her.



Give yourself a quick introduction!

My name is Aerith “Any” and I’m a content creator/streamer for Call of Duty Mobile! I’ve been in the mobile community for about 4 years now and have been making content for around 3. Since starting content creation, I’ve learned so much regarding mobile gaming and can really appreciate how much the games and community have grown within the last few years. I mainly upload on youtube and stream on both youtube and trovo. Having a caring and supportive community has really helped me stay focused on my goal which is to build a fanbase within the mobile atmosphere full of creative individuals. A huge shoutout to REDMAGIC for allowing me to be a judge for the event and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s clips!

Firstly, congrats again on winning the REDMAGIC CODM Clash in March! Can you tell us what you thought of the event and how you and your squad were able to take home the W?

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in the event! Honestly speaking, I didn’t have really high expectations for myself when going into this competition as I’ve not played on a phone for longer than a few days at a time and I’ve been on an ipad for the majority of my career in mobile gaming. However, I believe I picked a really strong team that consisted of professional call of duty mobile players including Tectonic, Zai, and Weroo. All three players have a large amount of experience on both mobile and in the competitive scene. I was determined to not let the team down so in preparation, I practiced on stream and off with the new REDMAGIC 7 for about a week. Although I didn’t expect myself to be of high value to the roster, I made sure to practice enough so I was able to at the very least, pull my own weight.

What was your first experience with video games?

In all honesty, I don’t remember my first ever video game. In terms of the mobile games I enjoyed when I was younger, I had an addiction to games such as Pixel Gun 3D, Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and even had a doodle jump phase. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t playing mobile games on my iPad or iPhone 7 at the time.

What’s your favorite video game and video game character of all-time?

Surprisingly enough, my favorite video game character is not actually Aerith from Final Fantasy. My favorite video game at the time is definitely Call of Duty and Valorant and it’s just what I enjoy playing the most. In terms of in-game character, I highly relate myself to kirby.



How did you get into content creation/streaming?

I started uploading to youtube back in 2019 when I was playing critical ops. Prior to that I never used youtube or any other social media platforms for content creation. Initially I only uploaded short highlight and montage videos to showcase my gameplay aside from playing competitively but quickly realized I had a passion for streaming. My streams within the first few months were pretty low quality, but with every new viewer interaction, I was determined to invest in a pc to upgrade my stream setup.

What PC/console game would you love to see ported to Android?

For the last few years I’ve been playing mobile, I’ve always wanted to see Counter Strike be available for android. I’ve always enjoyed the 5vs5 first person shooter style games and that’s also a huge reason as to why I was so committed to Critical ops. With that being said, the most anticipated PC game coming to mobile for beta has to be valorant for me and a lot of the mobile community. I’ve had so much fun playing the game in my free time and it’s highly addictive.

Where do you see mobile gaming in 5 years?

Throughout the last 3 years I’ve been a part of the mobile community, I’ve only seen it grow at a massive rate with huge names such as Call of Duty, Apex, and now Rainbow 6 Siege joining the scene. If the trend continues, mobile will be one of the biggest gaming scenes alongside PC/console as it’s much more accessible in comparison. My hopes for the near future are mainly better optimization for these games and a stable content/competitive scene for each game. I’d love to be able to attend big mobile events such as lan and conventions.



What’s your favorite feature of the REDMAGIC 7 Series?

After upgrading from an iphone to the REDMAGIC 6s Pro and now to the REDMAGIC 7, I can definitely tell a difference in performance from the new device. I’ve been very impressed with the phone as it supports high FPS in game and has a 165hz refresh rate. Although I don’t use the shoulder triggers, after testing it out, the comfortability and registration are both great.

How does the REDMAGIC 7 stack up against other smartphones you have used?

I’ve never used an android until the REDMAGIC 6S Pro, which was actually my first REDMAGIC product that I still use to this day. Before switching to an android, I was using an iphone 7 as well as an iPhone X and the switch really wasn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. In terms of day to day use, I can use my REDMAGIC gaming phone just like an everyday device with a ton of similar features to iphones. Of course the biggest difference would be the gaming experience where the REDMAGIC 7 has a 165hz refresh rate and allows me to play at max FPS in all sorts of games. For those that play first person shooter games or especially Call of Duty Mobile like myself, you would understand how crucial it is to have as high of a frame rate as possible.

Gaming Smartphones and mobile gaming in general, have taken a major leap in the past few years. What do you want to see next for gaming smartphones?
Personally, I’d love to see more optimization for streaming as compared to how easily it is to stream on PC. Especially for beginners, setting up everything including capture cards is definitely a struggle before you get the hang of it. In a perfect world, I’d also love to see my phone not overheat as much due to all the power usage while streaming, charging, and playing at the highest frame rate possible.

Finally, thank you for agreeing to be a judge for our Top 5 REDMAGIC Moments event. Any extra criteria you want to tell everyone participating that might help them win?

I’m really excited to see all the clips everyone will submit. Especially some nice trick shots, triple kills, quadra kills and even perhaps some pentas for all the wild rift players out there. Although my main game is Call of Duty, I’m staying open minded and looking forward to seeing all the clips that might inspire me to pick up a new game or return to one.


How To Submit Your REDMAGIC Moments

Want to show us your skills and get your video clip shown for Aerith to judge? Follow these simple steps then.

· Record a clip of your awesome skills in a mobile game. Multiplayer games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, will have better chances to win.

· Submit your clip by uploading it to YouTube and share the link to it on our event page. All of the requested information on the event page must be filled out.

· Post your clip on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and hashtag it #redmagicmoments for more exposure on your clip! More exposure = more chances to win!

The last possible day to submit your clip is July 6, 2022. So don’t wait too long, get in there and try your best to make your best clip!
We are aware that not everyone has the latest flagship smartphone or a gaming smartphone, that’s fine! Just do your best to submit the best quality video possible for your device.

The Prizes Up For Grabs

Curious about what you could win? Well we got some cool prizes lined up, let’s take a look:

First place prize is a free REDMAGIC 7 Pro
Second place prize is a 50% off coupon for a REDMAGIC 7 Pro
Third place - fifth place is a 25% off coupon for a REDMAGIC 7

Submit Your Clip Today

What are you still reading this for? Go and have fun playing your favorite games and submit your best clips today! Now is your time to shine and show the world your awesome gaming skills!