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Refund Roulette results. Did you win?

Hey team,

Thanks so much for getting the REDMAGIC Mars. We’re simply overwhelmed by your support.

Once again, we’re sorry about not being able to fulfill all the orders for the Red model. Our initial stock was limited and we didn't anticipate the response we got. But expect more stock coming soon!  

Anyways. Before we officially launched, we promised to randomly pick 5 winners to get a complete refund on their Mars order. So, without further ado… Congrats to these lucky people:

Neil Hayden


Mykola Kravchuk


Andreas Wolter


David Sferrella


Philip Uhland


Huge big-up to everyone that took part. Missed out on winning? Don’t worry, we’re planning a few giveaways on our Twitch channel VERY soon. Watch this space.



Our goal here at REDMAGIC is to deliver the most complete gaming experience on mobile. 

Established in October 2017 as the gaming arm of Nubia, we’ve sought to harness their skill in smartphone design and combine it with a gamer’s determination in achieving high performance gameplay.

The result? Mobile gaming devices that strike the perfect balance between sleek, ergonomic hardware and fully optimised software. Gaming smartphones that are powerful, durable, and cool to the touch.

But we’re just getting started. With the resources we have at our disposal, we’ve made it our mission to break further ground and unlock the full potential of mobile gaming.