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Unlock Levels And Giveaway Rewards With REDMAGIC XP

Unlock Levels And Giveaway Rewards With REDMAGIC XP

Do you want a cool GameSir controller for your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone? Do you want to try your luck and win a free REDMAGIC 7S Pro Lords Mobile Edition? Then sign up and join the REDMAGIC XP Levels event. Earn REDMAGIC XP and spend only 50 of it to enter the giveaway event. To get better rewards though like the GameSir controller, you’ll need to work as a team, maybe even get your friends involved because the more people who join, the more levels of awesome we will unlock!



What Do You Need To Do?

Just sign in and spend 50XP to join the giveaway. You can join the giveaway as many times as you want to increase your odds of winning. Just keep in mind our usual rules. No VPNs, and you need to be in a country REDMAGIC is available in, click here to see our list of available countries.


Don’t Have A REDMAGIC Account Or 50XP?

Just make an account and then go to the REDMAGIC XP Store and follow the actions shown on the left-hand side.



What Could You Win?

Depending on how many people enter the giveaway, we will unlock different reward levels for the giveaway event. As we unlock more levels, more items will be added, thus increasing everyone’s chances of winning a cool prize. The ultimate prize will be a REDMAGIC 7S Pro Lords Mobile Edition. Inside the Lords Mobile themed boxing will be the Supernova REDMAGIC 7S Pro, and a Lords Mobile gift card for Lords Mobile in-game currency, valuing $50-$500 USD, a great start or bonus for any Lords Mobile player. Other prizes will be GameSir controllers to connect to your gaming smartphone, REDMAGIC Turbo Coolers, and REDMAGIC 7S Pro Protective Cases.



An Extra Bonus

If you complete all of the REDMAGIC XP Store actions, you will get a $20 off coupon for the REDMAGIC 7 Series gaming smartphones.

REDMAGIC XP Levels - REDMAGIC 7 Series Gaming Smartphone


Event Ends September 30th

You got 2 weeks to make the most of this event. So get to it! And don’t forget to tell your friends so we can unlock those levels faster!