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We’ve Got the Answers to Your Latest Reddit Questions

We’ve Got the Answers to Your Latest Reddit Questions


Welcome back to our latest installment of Q&A sessions, where we address your REDMAGIC-related inquiries sourced from Reddit and various social media channels. For those joining us for the first time, peruse our past FAQ blogs to check if your queries have already been covered. Read through the table of contents to find out if the information you're after is included in this blog. Without further ado, let's dive into the discussion!


Table of Contents


1. Which is more powerful, iPhone 15 or REDMAGIC?

2. Can I Use the REDMAGIC 8 Series for Work?

3. What are some good games to play on REDMAGIC devices?

4. What new design features does the REDMAGIC 9 Pro have?

5. Where can I buy REDMAGIC 9 in the U.S.?


Which Is More Powerful, iPhone 15 Pro or REDMAGIC 9 Pro?


Weighing your options before buying a gaming device is critical if you want to end up with the best possible smartphone. Not too long ago, we did a side-by-side comparison of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro and iPhone 15, where we determined that the REDMAGIC is the better gaming device. It’s easy to assume that the same would be said for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, and your assumptions wouldn’t be too far off. 


Though there is no official data for REDMAGIC 9 Pro yet, what we know about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is that it’s reportedly 3% better than the A17 Pro chip in multi-core processing. We’ll have to wait and see how the improved chipset performs on the new device once it makes its way to reviewers.


Can I Use the REDMAGIC 8 Series for Work?


What we tried to create with REDMAGIC devices is a gaming console that essentially works as a smartphone, eliminating the need to carry two separate devices everywhere you go. We’ve explored the possibility and advantage of using the REDMAGIC 8 Series as a regular daily driver, but how does it perform in the work environment?


For starters, it offers one of the largest screens in the game at 6.8 inches with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 90%. This allows you to view and edit files, documents, and spreadsheets with ease. For the creatives, the color accuracy and rapid screen refresh rate give you an advantage when editing images and videos, delivering the best display of colors.


Some Good Games to Play on REDMAGIC Devices?


Truth be told, every game is great to play on REDMAGIC because the device is designed to elevate the mobile gaming experience. However, some games are better than others, purely due to how the developers created them, and the features they make available to REDMAGIC and other devices. For example, the REDMAGIC community celebrated when PUBG developers finally unlocked 90 FPS gaming for REDMAGIC 7 and 8 Series. 


To enjoy the full potential of your REDMAGIC 8 Series and game at 120 FPS, some of the games we recommend you try include Real Racing 3, Brawl Stars, and the global sensation Minecraft. Read the full article to discover the top 5 games you can play at 120 FPS on REDMAGIC.


What New Design Features Does the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Have?


Aside from the upgrade from Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to Gen 3, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro boasts distinct design features that certainly set it apart from the rest of the family. First, the camera alignment has been moved to create more room in the cooling chamber, essentially killing two birds with one stone. We’ve also tweaked the RB light effects to give each user more control of how they look.


Finally, and perhaps the most notable design upgrade, is the inclusion of a glass panel that completely smooths out the back of the device and eliminates the appearance and texture of a camera bump. Read more about the REDMAGIC 9 Pro design improvements.


Where Can I Buy REDMAGIC 9 In the U.S.?


The Original Poster (OP) on Reddit was enquiring about the availability of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro+ in the United States, and unfortunately, that version is only being released in China. Only the REDMAGIC 9 Pro will be making its way to global markets on December 18, and the best place to buy it is the official REDMAGIC store in your region.


Some third-party retailers can indeed get you access to exclusive versions of REDMAGIC devices, but please remember that any problem you encounter with the device will have to be addressed by the retailer and not REDMAGIC. 


And That’s a Wrap

Thank you for tuning in and for taking an interest in learning how to get the best from your REDMAGIC device. Join us again next time when we unpack some of your burning questions from Reddit and other social media platforms. Cheers!