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You’ve Got Reddit Questions? We’ve Got Answers to Your REDMAGIC Queries

You’ve Got Reddit Questions? We’ve Got Answers to Your REDMAGIC Queries

We’ve Got Answers to Your REDMAGIC Queries

We’ve been answering your Reddit FAQ for the last six months, and we remain grateful that you continue to engage with us and other gamers on the platform. Your questions and queries help us to up our game in hopes of delivering the best mobile gaming experience for our community. On that note, let’s jump into this week’s top REDMAGIC questions on Reddit.


Table of Contents

Will Warzone Mobile be available on REDMAGIC when it comes out on March 25?
How to Correct Poor Emulation Performance on REDMAGIC 9 Pro?
Can I Recover Deleted Files on REDMAGIC 9 Pro? 
Frame rate drops when playing Mobile Legends on RM9 Pro, how to fix it?
How to Disable/Enable Apps on REDMAGIC?


    Will Warzone Mobile be Available on REDMAGIC When It Launches? 


    Warzone Mobile


    The global version of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is scheduled to be released this month, on March 25th. From what we know so far, based on a recent review from TheVizuff on YouTube, the game has high graphics and runs at 60FPS, with a few FPS drops and crashes visible. As far as compatibility goes, REDMAGIC gaming smartphones have everything they need to run Warzone Mobile seamlessly, but the power ultimately lies in the developer’s hands and whether or not they’ll grant us access. 

    This applies not only to Warzone Mobile but every other game that’s available to Android devices but not REDMAGIC. The only way for us (and you) to unlock such games is to reach out to the developers in our numbers with the same request. So if your REDMAGIC device can’t play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile immediately after the launch, we’ll have to make an effort to reach out to the developers together. 


    How to Correct Poor Emulation Performance on REDMAGIC 9 Pro?


    In this Reddit question, the gamer had a problem with and was enquiring specifically about the frame rate drop on the Dolphin emulator. However, the following solutions may be useful with whichever emulator you’re using.

    The first step is to ensure that you’re launching the emulator in game mode, as that can negatively affect its performance. The next thing is to figure out whether the game prefers to be run on the Vulkan or OpenGL API, the latter of which is the older version. Switch between these two to find the best one for your specific game and emulator anytime you’re unsatisfied with the frame rate.


    Can I Recover Deleted Files on REDMAGIC 9 Pro?


    Android doesn't have the same recycle bin setup as iOS, so once you hit delete on downloaded files and apps, you can consider them as good as gone. However, there is an exception in the Gallery app. By default, this feature is deactivated and if you decide to activate it, you may start to see a gradual decrease in your device's available memory because your data will start to synchronize with the manufacturer's cloud services. 

    Unfortunately, any files that were deleted before the sync will not reappear, but going forward, you’ll be able to access lost photos and videos from the cloud.


    How to Fix Frame Rate Drop When Playing Mobile Legends on RM9 Pro?


    The frame rate reduction is a problem that’s worth investing in a gaming smartphone to avoid, so when you experience it on a device like the REDMAGIC, it’s even more frustrating. Mobile Legends is one of the games that you’re prone to experience frame rate drops on, but it’s not the only one.

    The problem could be a result of the “double tap to wake up the screen” feature that registers multiple taps as a command. Deactivating this feature should solve the problem of your device randomly losing frame rates. This solution may help you maintain a stable frame rate even when playing other games.


    How to Disable/Enable Apps on REDMAGIC?


    Sometimes our downloaded apps can be a bit of a distraction, like TikTok or Instagram, and it helps to be able to hide the app and silence notifications to maintain some peace of mind. To hide or disable system apps, go to phone settings, then Apps, and Manage apps. Click the three dots at the top and choose "Hide system services." 

    Alternatively, you can just disable standard apps and they won't clutter your desktop but will still be reachable through the Play Store or through settings. If you're feeling rebellious and don’t mind risking it, you can use third-party apps like Calculator Vault, App Hider, or Apex Launcher to hide your apps. 


    Tune In Again for More Reddit Answers


    That concludes this edition of REDMAGIC FAQ from Reddit. Keep the questions coming on all our social media platforms and we’ll answer them as best we can in the next FAQ blog.