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An unmatched gaming experience on REDMAGIC 6S Pro

The birth of the gaming smartphone genre has given us so many incredible products. Big-name brands like Lenovo and ASUS have embraced the mobile gaming sector wholeheartedly. The result is a brilliant variety of great phones in this otherwise niche segment. RedMagic is a key player in the industry and is familiar to all who dabble in the world of gaming phones. The Nubia-owned brand caters to the mobile gaming niche and excels at creating gaming and performance-focused beasts.


RedMagic gets its fair share of credits for innovation, being the first company to put features like a fan, a liquid cooling system, shoulder triggers, and crazy high refresh rates in a phone. Ironically, most of RedMagic’s phones have fallen short of being all-rounders due to their terrible software and their subpar cameras.


In the first half of 2021 alone, RedMagic launched three gaming phones as part of the RedMagic 6 Series. The RedMagic 6 and 6 Pro both tout a 165Hz display — once again being the first devices in the world to do so. Then there’s the RedMagic 6R, a lean mean gaming machine with a non-gamer aesthetic. Now, the brand has come up with yet another feature-rich smartphone called the RedMagic 6S Pro.


The RedMagic 6S Pro bears all the physical character traits that you would expect from any RedMagic phone. It has a loud and bold design that feels almost over the top next to more tame phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. RedMagic sent me the ‘Black’ color option but really, it’s an ashy silver shade that gleams in the light. The glass back feels fantastic even if it is littered with a mess of company logos and names.


In the dead-center of the back, you will also find a touch area called the M Key that functions as an additional button for compatible games. Moving along the edges of the phone, the top of the device houses the 3.5mm headphone jack while the bottom accommodates the dual-SIM tray, a USB Type-C port, and a speaker grill for one of the two stereo speakers. Meanwhile, the situation on the right side of the phone involves an air vent, a power button, and two shoulder triggers on either edge.