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5 Ways the REDMAGIC 5S Keeps You in the Lead

5 reasons why you should choose REDMAGIC 5S gaming phone


The REDMAGIC 5S is destined to be the coolest phone of the year. Just like an ace that never loses his cool, the REDMAGIC 5S will help you stay in the lead by keeping you cool longer than the rest when you’re running at your best. 

Ultimate cooling


To keep you cool and your lead, the REDMAGIC 5S has a trifecta of cooling elements all working together. The first is the liquid-cooling system that has been perfected for smartphones. The second takes mobile cooling even further with a built-in fan turbo fan inside the phone. A fan that can reach speeds of 15,000 RPMs, that’s 4,000 RPMs faster than a Boeing 777 engine turbine! Together, these two are the REDMAGIC 5’s ICE 4.0 Active Liquid-cooling with Turbo Fan Cooling System. The third and final element to ensure you will never overheat is the REDMAGIC Ice Dock cooling attachment. Clipped onto the back of the phone and touching the new ICE Ag silver plate on the back of the phone for maximum heat transfer and dissipation, overheating is a thing of the past now.

“It can play demanding games without a stutter thanks to its fantastic cooling system…”

-Matthew Sholtz, Android Police

The Fastest Display

With a 144Hz refresh rate display, you can enjoy up to 144FPS in your gaming or daily use of the REDMAGIC 5S. This level of speed has been described as buttery smooth, but truely, it’s something that has to be experienced to really appreciate. Check out this video from the YouTuber TechNick as he uses slow motion capture recording to show the differences between different frame rates.


 -TechNick, [Slow Motion] 144Hz vs 120Hz vs 90Hz vs 60Hz - Smartphone Screen Refresh Rate Comparison

Courtesy of the community over at beebom, they have compiled a complete list of mobile games that can go up to 144FPS.


Overpowering Performance

Inside the REDMAGIC 5S, is some of the most powerful and latest smartphone tech. Capable of rendering PC level games with ease, the REDMAGIC 5S has powered through everything we have put up in front of it and keeps coming back asking for more. With up to 12GB RAM and 256GB memory with the new UFS 3.1 tech, the REDMAGIC can load up and render those all powerful games in no time, making lag and long loading screens a thing of the past. As if all this speed and power wasn’t enough though, the REDMAGIC 5S is also 4G/5G capable, so it always has the best data connection for blazing fast downloads and online gaming.

An Unreal Gaming Experience

“If you are a gamer, or a professional into eSports on mobile, you cannot go wrong with the RED MAGIC 5S. It ticks all right boxes for mobile gaming.”

-Imran Hussan, wccftech

At last you don’t have to deal with the limitations of a simple touchscreen for your mobile games. With the REDMAGIC 5S, enjoy being able to play like you would with a real controller thanks to the built-in trigger finger touch pads on the side of the phone. Going even further, the REDMAGIC 5S has gaming specific software inside the Game Space area, where you can organize all of your games and also completely optimize your phone and games for the best experience. In the Game Space you can also fully customize those triggers, set your phone to block notifications, set it to the best possible performance, you can even have it set up simple macros for your games here.

A Gamer Design for Gamers

Keeping your cool is more than just keeping the heat away and having the best gaming experience, it’s also knowing that you are the coolest around in style too. The REDMAGIC 5S comes in two cool designs, Sonic Silver and Pulse. Sonic Silver is a silver color with an X pattern focused on the ICE Ag silver plate and radiates a sense of cool awesomeness when you look at it. 

“Has a real icy vibe to it, plus because of [its] matt finish, it does feel surprisingly premium.”

-Unbox Therapy, This New Smartphone is an ABSOLUTE BEAST

The blue and red patterned Pulse is a loud and hands down, awesome look that stands out and tells those around that it is built to play games.


So are you ready to be like an ace and lever lose your cool? There may be other choices out there, but there aren’t many that are going to help you stay in the lead of the pack when the games are their most intense like the REDMAGIC 5S.

Learn more about the REDMAGIC 5S here on our product page.


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