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Gaming it up on REDMAGIC for Stress Relief

Life is pretty stressful, it’s something we have to deal with everyday, and for all of us there are different solutions for dealing with it. Some people hit the gym or meditate, while others watch a show or read a book, some even go as far as getting a pet. For gamers though, such as yourself or like us here at REDMAGIC, we don’t need to exhaust ourselves at the gym, commit to responsibilities of a pet or bore ourselves meditating. Nope, our go to stress relief option is obvious, playing video games! And what a wonderfully easy option that is for us in this era of powerful gaming smartphones.

Gaming it up on Red Magic for Stress Relief

With a powerful gaming smartphone like a REDMAGIC phone, you have the flexibility to game it up a little anywhere at anytime, And it is a great way to relax after a long day. Whenever you happen to have a few minutes to spare, you can quickly turn on a game and blow off some steam. Maybe not enough time for an in-depth RPG game, but it is the perfect amount of time for a quick pick me up game, which the app stores are full of. 

Gaming it up on Red Magic for Stress Relief

Here at REDMAGIC, we really enjoy playing fast paced action games like PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile, great games to enjoy carefree with the smooth controls you get from the REDMAGIC gaming smartphones, such as the shoulder triggers. These triggers are amazing by the way,  truly some REDMAGIC performance right here, they really help to improve the gaming experience and they give it a real console like feel, making the game play easier and smoother. 

Gaming it up on Red Magic for Stress Relief

You may think such action packed games wouldn’t relieve stress, but as long as you are having fun, then you’re relieving stress and making yourself better rested and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Research has even shown how playing these action packed games not only relieves stress but will sharpen your cognitive abilities as well thanks to how quickly and often you have to think on your feet as you adapt to the changes in the game. Sounds like a win-win there, relieve some stress AND sharpen your mind at the same time. 

Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Next time you have a break or you’re finishing a long day, play a quick game and see how you feel afterwards.



Our goal here at REDMAGIC is to deliver the most complete gaming experience on mobile.

Established in October 2017 as the gaming arm of Nubia, we’ve sought to harness their skill in smartphone design and combine it with a gamer’s determination in achieving high performance gameplay.

The result? Mobile gaming devices that strike the perfect balance between sleek, ergonomic hardware and fully optimised software. Gaming smartphones that are powerful, durable, and cool to the touch.

But we’re just getting started. With the resources we have at our disposal, we’ve made it our mission to break further ground and unlock the full potential of mobile gaming.