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Best Gaming Phone Accessories for REDMAGIC Gaming Phone You Can't Miss

The REDMAGIC 5S/5G phone is an amazing gaming smartphone, delivering a level of control, speed, and power that has not been seen in a smartphone before. To take you that extra step further though to complete the REDMAGIC  experience, check out some of the accessories you can get for the REDMAGIC  5S/5G.

Pro-Handle Protective Case


The Pro-handle Protective Case doubles as a protective case and connector for the Pro-handle and Esports handle. On the bottom and top of the case, it has wing-like shelves that the Pro-Handle and Esports Handle can snap onto. With both controllers latched onto the case, just turn it to the side and turn your REDMAGIC 5S/5G into a portable gaming console. When not gaming, just take the controllers off and continue to keep your REDMAGIC 5S/5G safe from harm with the Pro-Handle Protective Case.


Pro-Handle and Esports Handle

Able to pair with the REDMAGIC 5S/5G, these handles are wireless controllers that can give you an extra level of control and immersion to your gaming experience. You can use the controllers together or individually, depending on your preferences and can also be attached to the Pro-Handle Protective Case. Packed with an analog joystick, four buttons and four shoulder triggers, two on either side to ensure it can be used comfortably in either hand, interchangeably. 



Magic Adapter

Find yourself gaming it up at home instead of on the go? Make the most of it with the Magic Adapter then. Attach the Magic Adapter to continuously charge the REDMAGIC 5S/5G for a nonstop gamathon. With an ethernet port in the back, the Magic Adapter guarantees you’ll have a stable, high-speed internet connection. The Magic Adapter also has a headphone jack to get that headphone cord out of your way, a quality of life improvement to help you immerse yourself into your gamathon.



Protective Case

The Protective Case is for those that don’t need the controller handles but still want to protect their REDMAGIC 5S/5G. Incorporating technology into its design, it fits perfectly with the look of the REDMAGIC 5S/5G while giving it added protection. When holding it, or playing games on the go, it is designed to fit perfectly in your hands for a comfortable and secure feeling.



No matter what you need for your REDMAGIC 5S/5G, be it simple protection or a fully immersive gaming experience, you can find the accessories to best suit your needs. Take a look at the REDMAGIC Store and see what you need to complete your REDMAGIC 5S/5G experience.