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How the REDMAGIC 6S Pro Is Going Further?

A smartphone is the most used and maybe most important piece of technology you have. So it’s time that you got one that matches your style and plays the games that you love to play on mobile, it’s high time you had a REDMAGIC 6S Pro.

What is it that makes the REDMAGIC 6S Pro so good? How much better is it than the REDMAGIC 6 Pro? It's quite a bit better actually, let me tell you how much better in fact.


The design of the REDMAGIC 6S Pro is the first thing you’re gonna notice and it will be the last thing you will forget, like all good designs. We’ve taken the design of a smartphone and pushed it to its limits in looks and function. We changed its formfactor so it is more comfortable to hold and game it up on and improved upon it’s already awesome cooling system. We didn’t stop just there either, we went and then made it transparent to show off our tech, the cooling system, and our ability to make cool things. And because that isn’t enough by itself, we went and put LEDs in that built-in turbofan for extra coolness. What else inside the REDMAGIC 6S Pro is just as impressive as its outward design though, let's take a look.


To match the awesome design, the inside has been upgraded to match. It has the latest and most powerful gaming smartphone tech available. To be an unstoppable juggernaut of a phone, it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset inside and up to 16GB of RAM as well. Nothing is going to stop you from enjoying the hell out of your favorite games with that much power and RAM screaming through your gaming smartphone. All of that raw power is something you can see and feel in your games thanks to it running everything super smooth but also having a super smoothly 165Hz screen that also has 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate! It's time to be the fastest gamer on the net, see fast and play fast on the REDMAGIC 6S Pro.


Keeping the phone cool and running at max performance is the upgraded cooling system in the REDMAGIC 6S Pro. It’s been upgraded to not only look cool in the transparent version but it has been enhanced with new, state of the art phase change materials to help control the transfer of heat, keeping the phone cool and giving you a more comfortable gaming experience. We also listened to your feedback and worked hard to  make the turbofan quieter, and quieter it is in the REDMAGIC 6S Pro! It is now 40% quieter while pumping through an additional 30% more air to help keep everything cool so you can keep playing at your best for hours on end on the most intense games.


Since gaming is our favorite thing, much like you probably, we also wanted to make it easier and more fun to game on mobile by bringing back the back button. Now you have three buttons to give you a more flexible control scheme for any game you want to play. The back button is a sliding button and can be used in unison with the two shoulder triggers. Triggers that also got an upgrade and now have 450Hz touch sampling for faster response rates. We like to key map to make the controls feel more natural like you would have on a console controller, like aiming with the left and shooting with the right and that back button is often used for crouching or for jumping.


Going pro isn’t easy, but with the new REDMAGIC 6S Pro, we just made it easier and for sure, more enjoyable and stylish. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and join the growing crowd of REDMAGIC 6S Pro users that are already on their way to pro.