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Keep Cool And Game On This Summer With REDMAGIC

Keep Cool And Game On This Summer With REDMAGIC


REDMAGIC ICE 9.0 Cooling System

This summer is looking like it is going to be awesome. We got awesome new games like Apex Legends Mobile that just released and cool REDMAGIC bundle deals. It’s looking like it might be a hot summer though, with those over-the-top games heating up any phone. Overheating isn’t a problem in our latest gaming smartphones, the REDMAGIC 7 & REDMAGIC 7 Pro though, and that is because of their awesome, top-of-the-line cooling systems. What makes them so good? Let’s find out.



Cooling has always been REDMAGIC’s forte, our specialty over the years. You may be asking why a GAMING PHONE would focus so much on cooling, well it’s the same logic as your gaming PC. You need to keep it cool so it can keep running at max performance during your multi-hour gaming marathon. So how do we do that in a smartphone? Well, we’ve learned some tricks, and it all starts with the materials used. To get the most heat out and away from your gaming smartphone, we have developed over the years a complex system of heat transfer layers to take the heat away from the CPU and battery and literally eject it out of the phone as fast as possible. 


With the REDMAGIC 7 we have upgraded our cooling system to ICE 8.0, to attack the problem of heat not only head-on but from various technical directions. It is an air and liquid cooling system layered with advanced heat transfer materials, including an aerospace-grade phase-changing material, to create a passive and active cooling system combo. Inside you will find everything from carbon layers, to vapor chambers, to precious metals, all working together to carry the heat to the wind tunnel that runs along the back of the fan. 

REDMAGIC 7 Pro ICE 9.0 Cooling System

In this wind tunnel is REDMAGIC’s famous built-in turbofan, working over time at 20,000 RPMs to blow that hot air out as fast as possible. For the REDMAGIC 7 and the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, you’ll find that we’ve added a second air intake slot on the back of the phone to drastically increase the airflow the phone, without having to put in a second turbofan. We also gave that turbofan a cyberpunk touch on the Supernova(transparent color version) with little RGB lights that turn on when the turbofan is on.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro ICE 9.0 Cooling System

REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s Improved ICE 9.0 Cooling System

What about the REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s cooling system you may be wondering, is it better than the REDMAGIC 7’s? Yes, it is. We’ve upgraded the vapor chamber massively and increased its volume by 300%! It’s easily one of the biggest vapor chambers you’ll find in a smartphone, and it makes an impact on the cooling. In addition to the larger Vapor Chamber, we redesigned the back plate to be more heat conductive and even placed a special heat conducting metal patch on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s protective case, so it can work preferctly with the new REDMAGIC Ice Dock. 

REDMAGIC 7 Pro ICE 9.0 Cooling System

Some sharp eye users may notice that the turbofan in the REDMAGIC 7 Pro is smaller and they are correct. Due the unique display with the under-display camera on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro and its larger battery, we had to make the air tunnel and turbofan smaller to fit. Thanks to some impressive engineering feats though, the cooling performance of the REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s turbofan is not hindered by this smaller design and performs just as well as the REDMAGIC 7’s.


What About The Gaming Experience?

Time to get to the most important bit now, what does all this talk about improvements really mean in the real world? In short, it means you can play your favorite games at max settings for hours without losing performance. Just look at how awesomely the REDMAGIC 7 Pro played Genshin Impact compared to another current flagship, the S22 Ultra.

REDMAGIC Frame Rate Comparison

This kind of long term high performance is something that a PC gamer dreams about.


Some Other Awesome Games You Will Likely Love More Thanks TO REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s Cooling Performance

Apex Legends Mobile: This FPS battle royal game just launched on mobile and has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Everyone who is anyone is playing their hearts out on it non-stop. It’s also a beautiful game to play that is a power hog on the phone, kicking most devices into overheating and forcing them to start throttling their performance. The REDMAGIC 7 Pro on the other hand plays the game like a champ, even at max settings.


Genshin Impact: We’ve already shared our evidence of how awesomely the REDMAGIC 7 Pro plays Genshin Impact, which is a notorious game now for making phones hot and losing performance. 


CODM: Another FPS mobile game that is a big favorite among mobile gamers. It’s also a pretty game and can be quite power demanding when you smash those performance settings to the max. The REDMAGIC 7 Pro doesn’t care though. Just like Apex Legends, it handles teh game like a dream for hours on end. The only thing you have to worry about is your thumbs getting tired.


Black Desert: Possibly one of the prettiest games to ever come to mobile gaming, it is also hands down of the most taxing. We gave it a try with our account to see how the REDMAGIC 7 Pro handles the game and it was great. Even at max settings the phone didn’t stutter with the beautiful graphics of the game and the action was super smooth and enjoyable.


Where Can You Get Your REDMAGIC 7 Or REDMAGIC 7 Pro?

Well your actually here at a great time. As we mentioned early, REDMAGIC is running some cool bundle deals right now. You can learn more about them and pick the perfect bundle for yourself here.