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Making of the Hot Rod Red

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a cool gaming smartphone look cool like the Hot Rod Red? The short answer is, a lot of creative energy and hard work as you go through many possible designs until you get the perfect one. But you’re not here for the short answer, so let’s dive in and take a look at what it took for the designers of the REDMAGIC 5G to come up with the cool Hot Rod Red color scheme.

For the REDMAGIC design team, they went to the drawing board with ideas of superheroes, cyberpunk themes, speed, action, and adventure, topics and images that any gamer would be inspired by.  A look that will make any REDMAGIC gamer stand out in a crowd and advertise their love to play mobile games that can keep up with their busy and energetic lifestyle. To really catch the attention of these gamers, the design team looked at anything and everything that conveyed the sense of power, speed, and gaming focus of the REDMAGIC 5G. They took inspiration from loud, unapologetic images of awesomeness that made you feel amped just by looking at them. Everything from sports cars and muscle cars, to cool pop culture items such as Iron Man and Transformers and any other cool fantasy or sci-fi elements they could get inspiration from. 

Using all of this as inspiration, they got to work and started drafting ideas for the next cool color for the REDMAGIC 5G. Focusing in on reds and yellows, popular colors that pop out and give a sense of speed, power, adventure and attitude, the design team dived right in and started coming up with ideas. 

As with any project, a good design involved a lot of trial and error until you get it just right. Running through many prototypes, the team decided the best look needed to be highly individualistic, with an industrial, futuristic look while also keeping popular smartphone elements. The end result after many designs was the awesome Hot Rod Red scheme that we have today. 

And there it is, how the REDMAGIC design team made a design that takes influence and inspiration from everything we love, from fast cars to awesome superheroes and put it to an equally awesome phone.

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