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REDMAGIC’s all-in-one solution for the trifecta of problems plaguing iPhone gamers

So you’ve decided to try your hand at mobile gaming, but you’re having a hard time. Due to the speed and design of modern mobile games, you’re likely finding yourself getting out-played and left behind. Struggling to deal with controls not suited for touchscreen, interruptions in the middle of the game or, loss of performance as the phone heats up in your hands.

Trust us, we here at REDMAGIC know your pain. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be the way of things when you try to play a fast paced, high-octane mobile game. So, sit back and take note, we’re about to tell you about a revolutionary gaming smartphone, designed to solve these very problems, the REDMAGIC 3S.

The REDMAGIC 3S; a powerhouse of a gaming smartphone that is your all-in-one solution and gate-way device to truly enjoying your mobile gaming experience.

Right off the bat with the REDMAGIC 3S, you’re gonna notice that you have two built-in capacitive shoulder triggers and a finger sensor trigger on the back, the latest paradigm shift in mobile gaming that is going to blow your mind. With the triggers and this back touchpad, there’s no more need to suffer clunky multi-function touchscreen.

With some simple keymapping, you can set up the triggers and touchpad to play like you’re gaming on a gamepad. Need to aim down sights to shoot while running in Call of Duty or PUBG? Use one trigger to aim and another to shoot. After using these extra touchpad buttons, you’ll never be able to go without them. Just take a look at what NoahfromYouTube can do with them in Call of Duty: Mobile.


"Feels like classic Call of Duty, like i'm playing on a controller. I love it!" - NoahfromYoutube 

Now that you’re leading your team to victory, the only threat to your winning streak is a distraction, like a text message or a dreaded phone call knocking you out of your game. To keep you winning and safe from distractions, REDMAGIC 3S’s Game Space 2.1 can block notifications, such as messages and calls.. It’s a powerful tool at your disposal to stay in the zone, but remember to game responsibility, it’s not our fault if you miss an important call.

To keep you at your best, the REDMAGIC 3S runs a fan powered liquid-cooling system so the game performance never drops. With this powerful cooling system keeping the REDMAGIC 3S cool at all times for the best mobile gaming experience.

These are but a few features the REDMAGIC 3S brings to the field to get you ahead of the competition, so take a look at REDMAGIC 3S now and start climbing those leaderboards today!



Our goal here at REDMAGIC is to deliver the most complete gaming experience on mobile. 

Established in October 2017 as the gaming arm of Nubia, we’ve sought to harness their skill in smartphone design and combine it with a gamer’s determination in achieving high performance gameplay.

The result? Mobile gaming devices that strike the perfect balance between sleek, ergonomic hardware and fully optimised software. Gaming smartphones that are powerful, durable, and cool to the touch.

But we’re just getting started. With the resources we have at our disposal, we’ve made it our mission to break further ground and unlock the full potential of mobile gaming.