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REDMAGIC 9 Pro Is Redefining the Seamless Aesthetic

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Is Redefining the Seamless Aesthetic

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Flat Design

Over the years, Android phones have been renowned for their innovative designs and features, and with the rapid growth of technology in recent years, the rate at which we see truly innovative devices has started to dwindle. But once every few years, we see a new feature that has the potential to shape the future of smartphone design like the introduction of the triple camera in 2018, or the fingerprint sensor back in 2014.


As a gaming smartphone, it goes without saying that REDMAGIC is one of the few Android brands that continue to push the limits of design and function for gaming on a smartphone. It features one of the only cooling fans built into a phone, and dedicated shoulder triggers that instantly turn your phone into a portable console. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is here to add yet another layer to what the world can look forward to. 


With this new release, we’re redefining what it means for a gaming smartphone to be truly seamless. The brilliant notch-less display that was first introduced with the REDMAGIC 7 series is now paired with a seamless glass panel that makes the device just as smooth in the back as it is in the front, for a smartphone that not only looks good but feels great in your hands.


Challenging the Limits of Glass

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Flat Design

It may be hard to imagine until you’ve seen it, but we managed to fit all the components that protrude out the back of the phone under a solid glass panel. We achieved this feat by making the glass function as both the protective layer for the device and the lens for the improved camera in the REDMAGIC 9 Pro


It’s the industry’s first two-in-one lens/back cover, and another groundbreaking innovation for REDMAGIC.


We Kept It Less Than 1cm Thick

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Flat Design

Like a skilled Tetris player who fits the puzzle pieces perfectly into each other, we explored the limits of component stacking. This ensures that all the pieces and components of the device fit into the frame without the slightest protrusion, to achieve a truly seamless device that’s easier and more comfortable to hold while gaming. 


The REDMAGIC 9 Pro measures in at an ultra-thin 8.9mm and weighs just 229g for a portable gaming experience like no other.


A More Unified Look

REDMAGIC 9 Pro Flat Design

The dual camera system and 20,000 RPM turbo fan sit closer together for two purposes. The first reason is to enlarge the cooling chamber and make the device’s cooling mechanism more efficient. The second reason is more aesthetic, with the placement of the three openings being more uniform and less scattered than the previous generation. 


Paired with the solid glass panel on the back, and the notch-less screen in the front, the sleek REDMAGIC 9 Pro presents itself as a solid and sharp unit that’s built for a clean finish.


Paving the Way to a New Era


REDMAGIC 9 Pro stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation in the Android realm. As gaming smartphones evolve, this device takes a bold step to redefine seamlessness both in design and functionality. The achievement of a truly seamless glass panel, housing all components beneath, challenges the limits of glass technology and makes the device not only visually stunning but also remarkably thin at 8.9mm. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s unified aesthetic with clean, uncluttered design positions it as a solid and sharp gaming unit, paving the way for a new era in smartphone aesthetics and gaming experience.