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[Solved] Best Way To Keep Your Phone From Overheating

Tips to keep your phone from overheating - from REDMAGIC

How does REDMAGIC cooling system work


No matter how we use our smartphones, heat will always be a side effect. During intensive use, such as playing an action packed FPS game with your buddies, the heat can build up so much that it can impact the performance of the smartphone.

Not only can heat slow down your smartphone, but it can even permanently damage your smartphone. To combat this, REDMAGIC has taken the same kind of cooling system technology found in the top of the line gaming PCs and adapted it for smartphones, then we took it further with the REDMAGIC 5G and created one of the best smartphone cooling systems on the market, thanks to our ICE 3.0 Cooling Technology.

Even though it is normal when using your smartphone, how is it creating heat you may be wondering? Well here are the reasons why and where your smartphone will create heat. 


Why Do Smartphones Overheat?

Just like a gaming PC, where the CPU and GPU are where it gets the hottest, the same is true of smartphones during intensive use. Up near the camera, where the chipset for the smartphone is seated, it will get warm and eventually hot as it draws more power from the battery to keep up with the demanding tasks asked of it. In the REDMAGIC 5G, this is the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset.


The other location that generates heat is the battery, as the power from there is transferred to the rest of the phone and when it is charging.  This can be a real pain when you’re trying to continue your non-stop gamathon and you start to feel your smartphone getting hot at both near the camera where the chipset is and the battery. But this is where the REDMAGIC 5G really shines compared to the competition.


REDMAGIC’s Solution to OverHeating

Just like a high-end gaming computer, the REDMAGIC 5G uses ICE 3.0 Cooling Technology, a system that uses liquid-cooling with a turbo fan. Starting at our two heat sources, the REDMAGIC transfers the heat through a large L-shaped liquid-cooling pipe, then 7 layers of graphite and a layer of copper foil before finally reaching the air vent where the heat is ejected as hot air while cool air is pulled in from the otherside, completing the REDMAGIC 5G’s heat dissipation cycle. This way, the REDMAGIC 5G keeps running at its best no matter what, even after long hours of intensive use.


Since the REDMAGIC 3S, we have improved upon our design extensively. We have increased the cooling surface area by 55% and the maximum air flow volume by 30%. The turbo fan itself now reaches speeds of up to 15,000RPMs. Along with improvements to liquid-cooling pipe, by expanding it and enhancing the heat transfer layers, the REDMAGIC 5G is 200% cooler than before!


Take advantage of the ICE Cooling system on your RM5G 

Similar to the REDMAGIC 3S, the turbo fan can be accessed and completely controlled through the REDMAGIC 5G’s Game Space feature, giving you an added flexibility and allowing you take a more active approach to controlling the temperature of the smartphone. 


What does all this mean in the real world though? It means that with the REDMAGIC 5G, you can run intensive programs and play games on the fastest smartphone yet at max performance for longer than most other smartphones would be able. 

With a cooling system like this, the REDMAGIC 5G is a true gaming smartphone, perfect for long hours of intensive use and even protects and expands the overall life-span of the battery. A unique and powerful cooling system that really shines and proves that it is one of the best in the industry. A perfect cooling system for one of the most powerful and fastest smartphones, designed to be pushed to the limits and beyond.