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Speeding up with UFS 3.1

Looking for a new way to speed up your smartphone experience? Take a look at the REDMAGIC 5S then, the newest lauched gaming phone from REDMAGIC,  rocking UFS 3.1, the latest and fastest memory technology yet. It may sound like a small thing and not as important as RAM or 5G data, but fast memory technology is just as important, and we’ll explain why here for you. 

So what is UFS?


The full name of UFS is Universal Flash Storage, and it is the newest generation of memory storage technology for smartphones and works similarly to how a hard drive or SSD works in your PC. It works by writing the data down to store your files and applications and then reads that same data to run your files and applications. What means for you, the user is that the faster the phone can write and read its own storage, the faster you can install, save, load up, or start different applications on your smartphone. 


How Does UFS3.1 Mean For You?


In the REDMAGIC 5S, you will have access to UFS 3.1, the newest and fastest memory technologies yet. UFS 3.1 massively improves sequential reading and writing by more than 300MB/s and 200MB/s respectively as well as increasing the random reading speeds by up to 40MB/s. What do all these numbers mean for you besides “faster”? It means your loading screens will be shorter, starting applications will be faster, and interestingly, your downloads will be faster as it writes and saves the data coming in faster. All in all, giving you a significant boost in speed when using the REDMAGIC 5S.

UFS 3.1 also brings a collection of new features to improve your mobile experience. In case you were wondering if UFS 3.1 was fast enough, you can also make use of its Write Turbo feature to make it even 700MB/s faster! With the new Deep Sleep mode, the device enters a power saving mode when it is not writing or reading data. This mode can reduce the power drain by 30%-40%, helping you extend your day to day battery life. To further help your mobile experience, UFS 3.1 actively slows down reading and writing when the device detects overheating, to help keep the device from throttling and hampering your mobile experience. In short, it is the temperature control for your REDMAGIC 5S’s flash memory.

This is just one cool piece of tech found in the REDMAGIC 5S, check out the product page to learn more, or just skip straight to that glorious purchase button and order yours today!


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