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The ‘Cool’ Factor: Why REDMAGIC 8S Pro Is the Ultimate Gaming Device

The ‘Cool’ Factor: Why REDMAGIC 8S Pro Is the Ultimate Gaming Device

REDMAGIC 8S Pro ICE 12.0 Cooling System

Newton’s Third Law of Action & Reaction states that for every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction. While REDMAGIC devices are fully capable of maintaining a steady temperature for extended periods, a force as powerful as the latest integrated chipset needs an equally powerful counterforce. In order to prevent the new REDMAGIC 8S Pro from completely overheating with every game, the law of action and reaction meant that we had to create a cooling solution strong enough to perform alongside the more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Leading Version, and thus the REDMAGIC ICE 12.0 thermal control system was born. 


The cutting-edge innovation of REDMAGIC's latest cooling mechanism is built upon the success of its predecessors and the demands of new technology to provide gamers with an unmatched thermal management experience that lasts for hours. Let’s explore the intricate details that make the re-engineered cooling solution the perfect fit for the ultimate gaming beast. 


The REDMAGIC ICE 12.0 Thermal-Control Mechanism


At the core of every REDMAGIC gaming smartphone’s cooling mechanism, since the REDMAGIC 3S, has been a truly unique high-speed centrifugal fan that’s designed specifically to keep the device cool during intense gaming sessions. The tiny turbo fan spins at an incredibly rapid 20,000 rpm, effectively drawing heat away from the CPU and GPU components of the device and expelling it through the massive air chambers. 


However effective this solution may be by itself, it takes a team effort to keep all the components of your device working at peak condition. Over the years, we’ve integrated multiple layers into the REDMAGIC’s cooling mechanism to create a system that can keep the REDMAGIC 8S Pro 2℃ cooler than the already cool REDMAGIC 8 Pro. A closer look at the components of the ICE 12.0 Thermal-Control Mechanism that make this device stand-alone as the champion of staying cool. 


Even Better Heat Dissipation

REDMAGIC 8S Pro ICE 12.0 Cooling System

What truly makes the ICE 12.0 stand out is its remarkable enhancement in heat dissipation. The incredible ICE 11.0 Multi-Dimensional Cooling System in the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is capable of keeping the temperature of the device at a refreshing 16°C throughout intense gaming sessions, thanks to its unique 3D Vapor Chamber. We’ve boosted the cooling efficiency by a staggering 60% to make the REDMAGIC 8S Pro 2℃ cooler during all your nail-biting gaming sessions and also while charging


A Thicker Thermal Conductivity Gel Pad

REDMAGIC 8S Pro ICE 12.0 Cooling System

To achieve the remarkable feat of turning cold into ice-cold, we had to make the thermal conductivity gel pad twice as thick as before. This ensures that a larger portion of the device is covered, and that heat is drawn away not only from the Red Core and Snapdragon chipsets but also from the battery twice as fast, allowing your device to remain at an optimal temperature even when pushed to its limits.


Cooling Graphene at Your Fingertips

REDMAGIC 8S Pro ICE 12.0 Cooling System

One of the best additions we made to the REDMAGIC cooling mechanism with the REDMAGIC 8 Series is the special layer of cooling graphene under the 6.8-inch AMOLED screen. It’s an ingenious feature that’s most noticeable when you’re engulfed in an intense gaming session and begin to realize that the screen isn’t getting any hotter. The additional layer of graphene essentially keeps your fingertips cool by effectively drawing heat away from the screen, rather than making the screen colder.


Redefining Mobile Gaming Thermal Control


The ICE 12.0 Thermal Control System for the REDMAGIC 8S Pro not only adheres to Newton's Third Law but redefines it. It's not just an equal and opposite reaction; it's a better one. When you game with the REDMAGIC 8S Pro you’re not just holding a device, you’re wielding a force of nature. In the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, where power meets performance, the symphony of components within the REDMAGIC ICE 12.0 cooling system works seamlessly to keep your gaming beast at peak performance in the heat of battle and during marathon gaming sessions.