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The REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Is Here, and It’s Sicker Than Ever

The REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Is Here, and It’s Sicker Than Ever

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Gaming Smartphone


It is said that all good things come in threes, from the top performers standing at the podium after a race, to the elements of a perfectly tailored suit. And if we’re talking about performance and beautiful design, REDMAGIC knows the tips and tricks of balancing the two. We’re bringing you a third, more captivating design of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro named Titanium to complete the powerful trio. 


At less than 1cm thick, it’s ultra-thin and as sleek as ever, giving you the feeling of a razor-sharp weapon ready to take on every mobile game in style. The squared-off design of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is accentuated by Titanium's metallic look, inspired by the toughest elements known to mankind. It maintains the combination of reflective and transparent materials native to this series to deliver a futuristic aesthetic that compliments its powerful performance. 


A Smartphone Made for Gaming

Each version of the REDMAGIC gaming smartphone is intended to surpass the last in terms of design and performance, and the REDMAGIC 8 Pro ticks all the boxes. Here’s a quick recap of what makes this gaming smartphone one of the best currently on the market.



REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Gaming Smartphone

Let’s start with the beautiful 6.8-inch display. It utilizes the most advanced Under Display Camera (UDC) technology, eliminating all punch holes and notches to give gamers uninterrupted views of the game. REDMAGIC 8 pro has 1116 x 2480 pixels and 1300 nits of brightness for a dazzling display that ensures daytime gaming is a breeze, a strong improvement from the 600 nits and 1080 x 2400 pixels delivered by the REDMAGIC 7S Pro.


Performance-wise, this thing is built for the challenge. It has a rapid refresh rate of 120 Hz for the swift delivery of each frame whether you’re gaming or watching videos. Plus a powerful 960 Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate delivers precision and accuracy with every touch. 



REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Gaming Smartphone

Naturally, the screen is built to complement the power and overall performance of the device. REDMAGIC 8 Pro is one of the first gaming smartphones to incorporate the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset by Qualcomm, one of the fastest processors in the industry, according to NanoReview and Cashify


The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is great for two reasons. Firstly, it’s faster, reaching speeds of up to 3.2 GHz which is 35% more than before. Secondly, it’s stronger and more efficient. This gives your phone the ability to run multiple apps in the background and perform at its peak while still preserving the 6000 mAh of battery life, enabling it to last you the whole day with fewer recharges. 


And when you do need to refuel your device, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro comes with a 65W fast charger that can take the device from zero to fully charged in less than 45 minutes. In a performance test of the top 5 smartphones, the battery in this device came out on top at 8.28 hours of battery life.



REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Gaming Smartphone

Every design element of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro plays a special role in making this the master performer that it is, and this could not be more true than the improved ICE 11.0 multi-layer cooling system. It has 11 layers of cooling technology, including an additional layer of graphene that sits right under the 6.8-inch screen to keep it cool. And would it be a REDMAGIC gaming smartphone without the 20 000 rpm internal fan? The cooling components of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro work together to keep the device refrigerator cool as you take on the heat of the game. The overall airflow has gotten a 35% boost thanks to the air vents that are strategically placed to permit comfortable use of the two 520 Hz shoulder triggers without blocking the flow of air.


Game Space

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Gaming Smartphone

The shoulder triggers themselves serve no other purpose than to Up Your Game. They are the fastest shoulder triggers in the game, and they can be customized to activate different commands to suit different games. REDMAGIC has improved the 500 Hz shoulder triggers from the REDMAGIC 7 Series to deliver our most astounding shoulder triggers yet. These bad boys let you perform the same awesome actions as before, like Press and Lift. But they’re faster, which makes them better.


The Last Slice Is the Best

It’s always a great idea to save the best for last, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium. Use your Early Bird Offer voucher to get $30 off when you buy it, and check out the dedicated accessories like the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Protective Case and REDMAGIC 8 Pro Screen Protector that you can add to your cart.