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Turn Your Smartphone into a PC Gaming Console with REDMAGIC

Turn Your Smartphone into a PC Gaming Console with REDMAGIC

Turn your REDMAGIC 8 Pro into a portable gaming PC

It’s our ultimate dream to let you Win More Games with REDMAGIC, and what better way to do that than to enhance all your gaming experiences? The introduction of a REDMAGIC PC Gaming Line means that we’re well on our way to making PC gaming a top-notch experience, but did you know that you can enjoy all the benefits of playing on the 27-inch REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor on all your favorite mobile games?


It displays astounding graphics and images of the latest PC, PlayStation, or Xbox games, and being the product of a gaming smartphone family, our gaming monitor does an excellent job of paying attention to the needs of mobile gamers. It’s been designed to work seamlessly with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, featuring the option to rotate the screen vertically to fit the natural display of a smartphone. You’ll also get a wide 178-degree viewing angle that’ll make it easy to play your e-sports from your favorite spot in the room.


Transform Your Mobile Gaming Experience

Turn your REDMAGIC 8 Pro in to a portable gaming PC

Mobile games have been the go-to solution to feed the console gaming itch on the go, and over the years, some of the best games have been developed only for the mobile platform creating a bit of internal conflict when it’s time to game at home. Fair enough, the option to connect your device to the PC monitor has always been available, depending on the compatibility of your phone. But never before has a PC monitor been created to connect seamlessly to a smartphone for the sole purpose of playing a game.


An Extraordinary Display


Witness every beautiful detail in unmatched quality. The REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor has a 3840 x 2160 resolution that provides 4K UHD imagery and breathes life into every animation while delivering an incredible gaming experience. 


A Step Ahead of the Rest


The 120 Hz refresh rate of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is just a sample of what the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor can achieve. It boasts a screen refresh rate of 160Hz which goes far beyond the demands of a mobile game, but it does ensure the smoothest transition between frames and an unmatched display with fluid motion. This ensures that you remain aware of any threats or enemy troops as soon as they’re visible. 


Connect How You Want


The REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor allows you to connect your gaming console and PC using the DisplayPort (DP), or one of two HMDI 2.0 ports. For mobile games, you have the option of two USB ports, or a Type-C port that can simultaneously charge your phone with a 90W power output.


Endless Ways to Entertain


There are countless ways to enjoy the beauty and display performance of the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor, but gaming is most definitely the best way to go about it, whether it’s a mobile or a console game. Playing on the  REDMAGIC collection of gaming gear and equipment, including the REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming Mouse, is most certainly the best way to Win More Games.