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What are the Best REDMAGIC Gaming Phone Accessories?

Top 4 REDMAGIC Gaming Phone Accessories 


Looking to take your mobile gaming phone experience on the REDMAGIC 5S further? Then take a look at these awesome accessories from REDMAGIC, designed specifically to help you get the most out of your phone.


REDMAGIC Cooling Attchment

                  nubia redmagic 5g redmagic 5s ice dock

A brand new accessory from REDMAGIC, the Ice Dock is an incredibly powerful cooling attachment, with an awesome little extra feature for REDMAGIC 5S fans that sets it apart. Clip this bad boy on and watch as the temps plummet thanks to its advanced semiconductor technology and powerful turbofan. But keeping the phone cool so it can run at max settings non-stop is just one feature. The Ice Dock also activates the REDMAGIC 5S’s GPU Boost feature to push those max performance settings even further! As a nice icing on the cake, there is a downward facing 3.5mm headphone jack and if it is attached to an external power supply, you can even charge your phone at up to 30W through the Ice Dock. If cooling interests you, take a look at our in-depth article about cooling.


Want to use the Ice Dock with your REDMAGIC 5G? You can! The Ice Dock will easily keep the REDMAGIC 5G cooled off and charge the device while plugged in. But it will not give the REDMAGIC 5G a GPU Boost.


REDMAGIC Protective Case

Enjoy a stylish and durable protective case made for the REDMAGIC 5S. Sharing the cool design of the REDMAGIC 5S itself, the protective case has a cool futuristic vibe to it. Designed to fit perfectly for the REDMAGIC 5S without blocking any of the unique features of the phone so you can still enjoy your mobile gaming experience as if there was no protective case. In addition to the black case, there is also a transparent version of the case so you can still show off the cool look of the phone.


Pro Handle Protective Case and Pro Handle


To really take your mobile gaming phone experience further, take a look at the Pro Handle Protective Case and Pro Handle combo.This Pro Handle Protective Case protects the phone from harm but also has small sliders for the Pro Handle and E-Sports Handle to connect onto. The Pro and E-Sports Handles are small, but powerful controllers that can connect to the phone via Bluetooth and easily lock onto the Pro Handle Protective Case for a mobile gaming console vibe. Once connected via Bluetooth, these controllers, with an analog joystick and 8 buttons each are fully customizable to perfectly fit your gaming style.


Type-C to Type-C 5A Cable

nubia redmagic 5s type C fast charging cable

To make charging while on the go and playing games easier and more convenient we’ve made a durable Type-C to Type-C USB cable with an elbow bend on one side. This bend, when connected to the phone, is more comfortable for when you are holding the phone and playing a game by directing the wire away instead of poking into your hand. Thanks to this bend you can continue your mobile gaming marathon for hours on end with ease.


No matter what you need for your REDMAGIC 5S, be it simple protection or a fully immersive gaming experience, you can find the accessories to best suit your needs. Take a look at the REDMAGIC Store and see what you need to complete your REDMAGIC 5S experience!


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