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Why the REDMAGIC Phone Cooling is the Best for Gamers

How does REDMAGIC 5S keep your phone from overheating?


In this age of awesome gaming smartphones, there is only one hurdle left, the fear of overheating. It is the only thing left that can cause your phone to stutter or become laggy. But for the REDMAGIC 5S, we got a trifecta of solutions all working together to blow the heat away.


Why Do Phones Overheat?

To run all that awesomely powerful tech that is crammed into a phone, it requires a fair bit of power, and where there is power, there is heat. The more demanding t, even more for that max performance and that all leads to more heat. In The REDMAGIC 5S, just like most phones, you will start to feel this build up of heat near the camera, because that is where the powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset is, getting warm as it powers through your games like juggernaut.


Why Should You Care about Overheating?

Well, besides the obvious lagging and general discomfort of holding a hot phone when it starts to overheat, it can also damage the phone if you’re not careful and in more ways than one. Overheating can lead to damage to the battery and hamper its performance, can cause data loss and even permanently slow the device down. Before any of this real damage happens though, you will start to notice issues from overheating as the phone slows down and starts to lag. Leading to a worse gaming experience and even costing you games.

Nubia RedMagic 5S Cooling System


How The REDMAGIC 5S Keeps Away The Heat

The new and enhanced ICE 4.0 active liquid-cooling with turbo fan cooling system is the first and key element of how the REDMAGIC 5S beats the heat. Using an L shaped liquid-cooling pipe, the major sources of heat are all covered and the heat is whisked away to the built-in turbo fan and then blown away. Additionally, we’ve added in advanced materials to enhance heat transfer and dissipation throughout the phone. As well as for the first time ever, using actual silver, one of the greatest thermally conductive metals, on the back of the phone.

“It can play demanding games without a stutter thanks to its fantastic cooling system…”

-Matthew Sholtz, Android Police

The Ultimate Cooling With The Ice Dock


The Ice Dock is the final piece in the REDMAGIC trinity cooling and with it, the ultimate cooling solution is complete. The Ice Dock is a powerful little cooling attachment that combines a high-power turbo fan with a refrigeration device. Ideally, it is positioned over the ICE Ag silver plate on the back of the phone, it works to cool off and dissipate heat away from the phone. In addition to cooling off the phone, the Ice Dock also unlocks the REDMAGIC 5S’s GPU Boost feature, increasing the phone’s performance significantly! Other fun, quality of life features that the Ice Dock brings to your gaming experience are a bottom facing headphone jack and how it can be used to charge your phone while cooling it. How cool is that?

Curious to how cold the Ice Dock can get though? Check out how cold it was for TheRelaxingEnd in his unboxing video of the REDMAGIC 5S.


TheRelaxingEnd, REDMAGIC 5S Unboxing - A Serious Gaming Smartphone (PUBG Gameplay)


With this trifecta of awesome cooling power all working together, you can stop worrying about overheating when playing your favorite games at max settings for hours on end. Not only can you enjoy a great gaming experience, but you can also rest assured that you are also benefiting your device, expanding the total battery life by keeping it cool. And that’s the goal that the REDMAGIC 5S completely surpasses. It has the power to play any game to the max and it stays cool enough to keep you at that max performance while the rest start to slow down and lag behind.


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