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A New Standard of Performance
The Coldest Competitor
Top-tier Endurance
5th Generation Display Ingenuity
Our First Optical Anti-Shake Camera
Audio That Brings Visuals to Life
Engineered to Triumph

001 A New Standard of Performance

The Fastest Chip to Ever Do It

REDMAGIC 9 Pro delivers the highest standard of performance available in the industry with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.


CPU Performance


GPU Performance


CPU Power Consumption


GPU Power Consumption

Steady, Taking You to the Next Level

Complete multiple tasks without compromising on performance. REDMAGIC 9 Pro maintains performance stability without a single drop in the frame rate after 1 hour of gaming, split screen tasking, or watching videos in HD.

*All above data from REDMAGIC Labs

Unwavering Stability, Unbeatable Accuracy

Glide through the game in real time making real wins with 120Hz of precision, an impeccable 1600 nits of brightness, and a true full-screen with no notches or disruptions.

002 Victory, Best Served Cold

Turn Down the Heat Even Faster

With a new generation of REDMAGIC, we introduced the ICE 13.0 Magic Cooling System, featuring the largest cooling VC measuring 10182mm², and resulting in a remarkable decrease of up to 25°C in CPU core temperature.

003 Seriously, It Never Quits

56 Hours of Power

Refuels Even Faster Than Before

*All above data from REDMAGIC Labs

004 Engineered to Triumph

Still the Best Gaming Display

REDMAGIC has mastered UDC technology that gives you a 93.7% screen-to-body ratio and allows you to visualize the win without disruptions. Enjoy deeper contrast, vivid colors, and a notch more brightness on the BOE Q9+ luminescent materials screen.

6.8 Inch Bezel-less

True Full-Screen


Screen-to-body Ratio

120 Hz

Refresh Rate

1600 Nits

Peak Brightness

2160 Hz

PWM Dimming

2480 x 1116


ΔE < 1

Color Accuracy

960 Hz

Multi-finger Touch Sampling Rate

The Evolution of Control

520 Hz Shoulder Triggers
Rapid Touch Sampling Rate

1. External factors and running apps can affect the speed of data transmission and screen operations, the experience may vary for each user.

2. The device's performance may be affected by external conditions.

3. The quality of the local network may have an effect on Wi-Fi speeds.

4. Images are for illustrative purposes only, the actual product may vary.

5. All data sourced from REDMAGIC Labs.


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