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REDMAGIC Leveled Up: What’s in Your REDMAGIC Mars Software Update (10/18)

Hey teammate,

Welcome to REDMAGIC Leveled Up, the lowdown on what’s in your software update. In this edition we're throwing it back to the REDMAGIC Mars with update V204/V111.


Finger Sensor Trigger

Sure, two touch-sensitive game triggers are great. But three? That’s the magic number.

Along with the Mars’ shoulder triggers, finger sensor is mappable as an extra action in games.

In PUBG, I like to use the left trigger for aiming, the right for shooting and the finger sensor for ducking. I can already taste the chicken dinner.


Game Space 2.1

We took the Mars’ gaming hub and put it on steroids. Welcome to Game Space 2.1 — the latest version. Here’s what’s new:

PERFORMANCE MODES: Customize fan speeds, display refresh rates and RGB lighting. Or even overclock your CPU and GPU for maximum gaming performance. 

4D HAPTIC FEEDBACK: Get immersed in your game with our vibration engine. 

ANTI-ERROR TOUCH: No more accidental firing and giving your position away.

BLOCK CALLS FUNCTION: For interruption-free gameplay. Just don’t blame us if your significant other breaks up with you for ignoring their calls.

Screen Recording With In-screen Audio Recording

Just like on the REDMAGIC 3 and 3S, you can now capture your entire match in high quality with in-screen audio recording.

Best of all, there’s no need to trim your videos to your best shots. REDMAGIC Time does it for you with one awesome kill compilation.

Check the tutorial video above to see how. 

Pro Handle Compatibility 

Need more control and precision in your game? Say no more: Your REDMAGIC Mars now works with the Pro Handle

NOTE: Please be aware that we do not sell Pro Handle cases fitted to the REDMAGIC Mars from our official global store.

Other Updated Features:

- Google security patch
- System performance upgrade
- Camera performance

What do you want to see in the next update? Feel free to drop us a comment or message on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Missed out on your REDMAGIC software update? We’ve got your back. Check out the manual update instructions here.




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